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  • Day1380

    USA Tour - St Louis

    December 22, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 6 °C

    So today we did a bit of everything, we went shopping, went for a meal at a place called Bar Louie which was nice. We also went to a place called Westport social which was a cool bar. It had all sorts of games in there about 3 bars and a live band.

    Great night

  • Day1379

    USA Tour - St Louis

    December 21, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ☁️ 1 °C

    Not updates in a few days as I’ve been so busy but at the same time not doing much! But tonight me and David went to the casino here called ‘Ameristar’ cool place we went for a few drinks, gambled a little bit and went for a meal! I didn’t win anything but it was a good laugh.

  • Day1389

    USA Tour - St Louis - New Years Eve

    December 31, 2018 in the United States ⋅ 🌧 6 °C

    So David and Katie where kind enough and got me tickets for the St Louis Blues NHL game for Christmas as they knew I’d always wanted to see it.

    The tickets were awesome, David’s boss had rink side seats which included $25 of credit per ticket to use on food/drinks. St Louis lost 2-1 to the New York Rangers but it was a brilliant game and I loved every second of it!

    We decided for New Years we would go to the Casino and try and get tickets to a bar or something in there as we left it kinda last minute! We get there.... all sold out! So we just decide to get a few drinks and watch the UFC fight with Jon Bones Jones which was cool...
    Still prefer boxing

    We go the casino and the girl checking ID’s on the desk claims her family is from Liverpool.... I ask where and she says ‘Runcorn’ I just walked away. We grab something to eat in the Asia restaurant in the casino I got a pad Thai... gonna compared it to Thailand when I get there hahahah.

    I borrow both David and Katie $100 each as they had no cash and they wanted to play blackjack - the dealer they had was definitely a stripper or something... it wasn’t bad to just stand there and watch.... she was super friendly. Anyways we count down the new year at the table with Katie being up on her bets and David being down hahahahah. I lend David another $100 to go play poker... he pays me back instantly as he Wins like $250 on his first hand and he eventually walks away around $60 up I think it was

    Next it was my turn to gamble, we headed over to the roulette table as it’s the only thing I enjoy playing. I throw a $100 chip on black. Im feeling lucky.


    Black comes in, I take 100 away and leave the other 100 on black.


    Black again!

    Now I have a system when it comes to roulette- black black, red black

    However I wasn’t feeling that it was going to be red, so instead of breaking my system I just took my money off the table and lucky for me it was black again!

    I throw 200 down for red and it comes in, I walk away around 400 for the night so I was a happy guy and it was a brilliant way to bring in the new year!
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  • Day91

    Decency [IN, MO]

    June 28, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 84 °F

    We began the year with George Washington's call for tolerance for all religions in his letter to a Jewish synagogue in Newport, RI. On our trip back west we visited the homes of three US presidents who exemplified decency-- something so bereft in our current president that we are sometimes embarrassed to call ourselves Americans.

    Lincoln lived only twelve years at this farm in Indiana and not much from his days there survives but its formative influences are clear. He learned empathy from his mother who tended to ailing neighbors until she herself died of milk fever. There are also the other well-known trademarks-- learning to read by candlelight, spin yarns, perseverance and the value of hard work.

    Grant's "home" outside St. Louis was actually owned by his slave-holding father-in-law. Grant lived there in the 1850s, witnessing the horrors of slavery and frequently engaging in heated arguments with his wife's father. During this period Grant also freed his only slave.

    Truman's "home" also belonged originally to his in-laws but he called it home almost his entire adult life. One of Truman's favorite aphorisms was “I tried never to forget who I was and where I came from, and where I was going back to.” Maybe humility and decency come from living with your in-laws.
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  • Day11

    Old Chain of Rocks Bridge

    June 10, 2017 in the United States ⋅

    Gateway to the West. A soaring mile long crossing over the Mississippi River. There's a distinct 22-degree bend in the middle as a result of building on solid rock footings. Baked in the sun walking this bridge 💀 Rewarded by gorgeous views of the mighty river, it's swamps and St Louis in the distance.Read more

  • Day18

    St Louis

    June 11, 2017 in the United States ⋅

    Family and Friends

    Steve (der Bruder) und Cara (seine Frau)
    Wir sind da! St Louis, im Haus seines Bruders. Wie wird wohl die Begrüßung sein? -> "Hey bro what's up? Are you hungry?"
    Wir sind tatsächlich hungrig und es gibt Ins-Haus-gelieferte-Pizza auf Plastikteller. "Steve, so you don't have a dish washer? " - "Of course, but I am too tired of putting the plates in there." AMÖRICA...
    Und Cara? Sie snackt sich so durch die Woche. Plötzlich war da nur noch die Hälfte eines Schweizer Schokoladenriegels im Kühlschrank, dann ein Viertel und dann war er weg. Und so funktioniert das mit allen Sachen..

    Chris (der Vater)
    Lustig! Ryan und sein Dad sind genau gleich! Sogar der Flipflop Abdruck ist identisch!

    Wir treffen Carl zum Lunch und Ryan erklärt ihm, dass ich leider kein Englisch spreche. Mit Ryan kommuniziere ich in Spanisch doch Carl spricht nicht wirklich viel Spanisch. Und so ist der Arme im Dilemma. Er will mit Ryan schwatzen und so viel wie möglich von der letzten Zeit erfahren doch will er mich auch ins Gespräch einbinden. Immer wieder fragt er mich etwas in Englisch und Ryan versucht dann zu übersetzen. Nach einer Weile kann sich Ryan nicht mehr zurück halten: "Carl I can't do that any longer, her English is fine!"

    Mmh der Basketballspieler lebt wenn er nicht gerade für einen Club in Europa spielt bei seinen Eltern, welche ein verschämt großes Haus haben. Bei einer Poolparty sehe ich mal das Basement, welches Kinosaal mit großer Leinwand und verstellbaren Ledersesseln, einem Golfsimulator, ein Gym, zwei Badezimmer, eine Küche und ein Gamezimmer beinhaltet.

    Debbi (die Mama)
    Ist etwas kompliziert aber echt nett. So können wir am Mittwochmorgen nicht Ryans Großeltern besuchen, da sie sich im oberen Stock im Haus für die Arbeit fertig macht.

    Maggy und Andrew
    Wir werden zum Abendessen eingeladen. Zum Glück kocht Maggy denn sonst würde Andrew Spice Bread (Brot mit Gewürzen in der Mikrowelle erwärmt) auftischen. Während dem Abendessen werden drei Flaschen Wein geleert. Maggy ist ziemlich großzügig beim einschenken in die kelchgrossen Gläser und so werden auch ihre Geschichten von Glas zu Glas spannender. Wir erfahren dass Maggy als Teeny einmal die Schule geschwänzt, sich bekifft hat, auf Shopping Tour war und dann zu Hause mit dem Auto in die Garagentür gekracht ist. Lustig dass ihre Schwester ein Monat später mit dem Auto in das Wohnzimmer gerast ist. Noch lustiger, dass ihr Vater das erst letztes Jahr erfahren hat, da er damals auf Geschäftsreise war und die Mama genug Geld investiert hat, dass innerhalb einer Woche alles wieder brandneu war. Noch lustiger aber, dass die Mama letzthin in den Pfeiler von der Garagentür gekracht ist, als sie Maggy im neuen Haus besucht hat. Was für eine Familie..!
    Des weiteren erfahren wir, dass die Gina (Vagina) einer indischen Frau nach Curry riecht und dass Maggy einmal, als sie zu betrunken und müde war im Wohnzimmer im Hundekörbchen geschlafen hat.
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  • Day9

    St Louis

    September 12, 2016 in the United States ⋅

    Another night in the car, another morning of wipes and curbside tooth brushing. We slept in Girard so that we could visit Doc's Soda Fountain and Drugstore Museum in the morning. The Coca-Cola memorabilia that covered every wall and table, was mind-blowing. My mother would appreciate! And what better combination to a soda shop then an old pharmacy? Continuing the soda counter, it turned into an staged old style pharmacy, with powdered chemicals and old recipes. It was actually really cool to try and figure out what the ingredients were used for, how they mixed them all... Brings an appreciation for being able to access any medication that I want in a pretty plastic package prepared for me by a pharmacist. Moving on...

    Turkey tracks in the pavement - This made my day. No, my week. You take a detour off the current route 66 to follow the old, winding 66. At the first turn, you are helped along with a themed turkey sign pointing you the right way. God forbid you would lose your way on 66 without seeing the turkey tracks ! In the original poured concrete of the route 66, there it was, well outlined by thick bright white lines, were about 3 feet long of turkey tracks. That's it. The advertisement though, impressive !

    Million dollar Courthouse - Apparently this town has a very scandalous past, with a court house for which plans submitted suggested a total cost of 50,000$, with a final cost of 1.3million$. They later found out that one of the fancy, famous hotels in the town center (owned by the mayor, nonetheless) used some of the materials bought for the courthouse to build it's hotel. Why not?
    1869 County Jail - closed to visitors, which didn't stop us from attempting to shove our face against dirty windows to see nothing interesting.

    Henry's Ra66it Ranch and Route 66 Emporium - Absolutely amazing. No words can describe how perfectly hilarious this place was. Bunny things everywhere, bunnies in large cages outside, "Little Red" (the star bunny) hanging out on the counter inside. Rich, the man who now runs Henry's, told us the story of when one of his bunnies, Montana, told him she wanted to run for president. Naturally, he did t-shirts and buttons, and she was happy and doing all the photos required of her... but then her mood changed. She just wasn't interested anymore, so she pulled out of the presidential race. Poor Montana. I think Rich needs to interact with people more often, too many of his bunnies speak to him. I absolutely loved him.

    Pink Antique Mall and Dinner - Oh boy. Pink, large things, statue of a beach boy looked 25 feet tall, pink and blue diner, antique store that was so full of stuff it was falling of the shelves... just perfect ! And to top it all off, the Harley Davidson Giant, the 4th and last of the giants, not holding anything this time. The store had a section of antique relics of their slave trading days, with some real thought provoking items. Original signs of "colored people swimming pool", "colored people washroom", and what stayed with me the most was a set of metal hand cuffs with the inscription on one cuff "Negro women or child only" and the other cuff "Property of Georgetown County Plantation police". Yeah, yikes.

    Largest Catsup Bottle water tower - Catsup = Cheap Ketchup. Why not?
    Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site - Jack was super into the history behind these mounds. There were explanation boards showing what they look like under ground. They unearthed all of these, showing full rooms and corridors under these mounds. And yet, for some reason, someone decided "now that we can see all the beauty and work behind these, let's cover it all up with dirt and grass again". So that is what we starred at for about an hour. Different shapes, different sizes, of grass mounds. I don't get it.
    Jack who edits this needs to add..."Well, first, these are the largest pre-Columbian settlement in the Americas. Which is crazy. We're talking 600-1400 C.E! Anyway, so these mounds represent funeral rites and their hierarchy and a bunch of things we still don't fully understand. It was incredible to think that people settled here, had a huge city, then everything just got erased with time. Except these mounds. Alright, back to Vee..."
    Vee: yawn.

    Gateway Arch - Obviously super tall. What I didn't know is you could ride a trolley to the top! I didn't do it, but you could ! It's unfortunate that the park all around was under construction, so we really didn't get to hang out or enjoy the space. Arch and nothing else.
    St Louis Zoo - Absolutely amazing and free! My favorite word, free ! They had Kali, a polar bear, who kept just swimming in circles and coming up at different kids for photo ops, its was hilarious. The zookeeper says that because he grew up with humans (his mother was hunted when he was a baby), that he loves the attention. I felt like I was part of the group of mothers who were waiting for their kids, standing at the window. Jack sat down in front of the window and refused to leave for about 10 minutes. She made a friend. She still talks about it.
    River boat cruise in the Mississippi River - In all honesty, complete waist of time and money... 20$ for a boat to go up the Mississippi river, describe what we're seeing along the way. Well, describing is a lose term: He would name the building materials, tell us how long it took to build, and how expensive it was. That's about it. He kept describing things that were on the other side of the boat, so we assumed we would get more of the descriptions on our side of the boat at our return. But no. So we saw nothing of his described things...
    Forest Park - Considering the size of it, and wanting to stay good on our timing, we drove around it. Walking would take us all day. Beautiful, huge park. Not much to add. Oh, and free!
    I must add - The City Museum was closed. I was so, so sad. It's closed Mondays and Tuesday, which were the 2 days of our visit. This placed looked so cool, with slides and climbing things, and ball pits for adults... So so sad. Timing sucks.

    In case you haven't kept count, we still haven't showered. I've been dying for a shower but for some reason they're harder to find then I had hoped. Route 66 isn't following a major highway so I haven't had access to truck stop showers. The towns are so small there's no chance of hitting a gym or something. Having arrived in St Louis around 5pm, everything of interest was closed, so we needed to spend the night near St. Louis. We decided to do the 30 minute drive to the "Dr Edward A Babler Memorial Park" a state park which cost us 13$ for the night. We still slept in the car of course, too lazy to set up the tent when we're this comfortable in the car. But we did shower ! Probably what was a 20 minute shower. It felt so good ! So back to St Louis we go to continue our exploration tomorrow morning (and the next blog!)
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