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  • Day24

    Lassen NP, Redbluff, CA

    July 8 in the United States

    Today marked our 10th National Park, it was not on the original plan but with Bob and Vicki recommending it we thought we had better have a look. For some reason we missed the border crossing into California and only knew we had when we got to the fruit check gates. So much for paying attention. Shortly after that we caught our first clear sight of yet another snow capped peak looming in the distance wow what a sight.

    Soon enough we turned off at Mt Shasta and headed for Lassen NP. It was certainly a beautiful drive and the park is spectacular. Time did not permit any walks and especially when we arrived at Lassen peak which demands a 4-5 round trip to the top. It was already getting late so the walk was out of the question. Noela found more snow to play in whilst we admired the spectacle.

    We started down the mountain from 8,500 feet and 53 degrees stopping at some various viewing areas and geo thermal mud holes and steam vents. Over the next hour we descended and finally reached Bed Bluff where the late afternoon temperature was 97 degrees.

    Laundry day today so we got that out of the way and headed of to Denny's for a quick bite. Tomorrow we head to San Francisco which pretty much marks our last leg of the trip so we need to make the most of our time there.
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  • Day104

    Lassen Volcanic Wilderness (encore)

    July 14, 2017 in the United States

    Ce n'est pas que j'en ai tant à dire sur ce parc, c'est que je voulais mettre plus de photos. Je crois que je me lasserai jamais des lacs alpins, des montagnes, des fleures ou des petits papillons. J'espère que c'est pareille pour vous.

    Le deuxième jour dans ce parc, j'ai fait Lassen's Peak. Il parait que c'est une montagne très achalandée, mais vue qu'il fallait faire 1 mile et demi de plus sur la route à cause de la neige*, j'avais la montagne, une fois de plus, à moi seule. Wow! Encore une fois la vue était à coupé de souffle, mais pas juste au sommet mais tout le long de la monté. Il y avait des fleurs qui réussissent à pousser ici entre les roches, ce sont des fleurs qui n'existe qu'ici.

    * Je ne les croyais pas vraiment quand ils disaient qu'il y avait trop de neige sur la route jusqu'à ce que je marche à côté du ban de neige (photo 4). Il doit avoir près de 20 pieds à cet endroit!

    Après le sommet j'ai aussi vu les "Sulfer Works", des gisements de boue bouillante puante et des gaz sulfurique qui sorte du sol. C'était impressionnant et répugnant en même temps.

    Puis j'ai fait une autre petite randonnée jusqu'à un lac alpin. Il était en train de fondre et donc certaines sections son d'un bleu magnifique.

    Après tout ça bien épuisée, je suis retourné à mon camping gratuit tout près. Quel endroit parfait pour relaxer, prendre une petite bière bien méritée et apprécier encore une fois toutes les jolies fleurs sauvage qui m'entoure, les petits papillons, les oiseaux, même un serre. C'est bien mieux ici, que sur l'asphalte du stationnement du "visitor centre" à 16$/nuit!
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  • Day16

    We made it!

    July 23, 2017 in the United States

    Amazing - the final push through the last of the switchbacks and before we knew it we were there! 10,565 feet above the world! Suddenly, Franklin found a burst of energy and climbed the bolder to become the highest climber on the mountain!

    The butterflies were swirling around and the ravens were circling and saying hi to us. It was magnificent and the kids were so proud. What a feeling! It had taken 3/12 hours but it was worth it!Read more

  • Day83

    Day 18 :

    October 6, 2016 in the United States

    The day was warm and sunny. Had to climb up to buckhorn summit first thing in the morning, then it was basically downhill to Redding.

    Went for a really quick swim (the water was freezing) in the beautiful Whiskey Lake.

    Stopped in Shasta and took a look at the old historic buildings.

    Staying in a motel tonight to gather my thoughts about tomorrow. There's five thousand feet of elevation looming in front of me.Read more

  • Day84

    Day 19 :

    October 7, 2016 in the United States

    I'd like to thank Mary Jane (my bike of course) , excision, and salt water taffy for getting me through this day. It was a tough one

    Had a slow start getting out of Redding. There was bike maintenance, a grocery store stop, and a post office run to mail home some stuff I can live without. I got rid of 8lbs!

    The day was clear and hot. Not a cloud in the sky for shelter, but occasionally I would get a shadow from a tree for shade. At least I remembered sunblock this morning.

    I have been climbing all day. Not even a slow incline, just one hill after another, after another, getting higher and higher.

    Toward the end of my day I was starving. I stopped at the top of the hill to take a water break. Through some trees i saw a Taco Bell sign. Someone had nailed it to their shed. I know I was in the middle of nowhere , but for fraction of a second I was so happy. bizarre.

    A bus blew a tire right in front of me. Pieces of tire flying everywhere. That was really scary!

    I stopped at a fantastic, little shop on the side of the road. I'm not even sure where it was. Kind of in the middle of nowhere. It was a whimsical yard ornament / candy store. I bought some candy to fuel my journey, then stayed for awhile and talked to two pleasant older gentlemen. Bill and Jim.

    Jim offered me to set up my tent out front. I do not know why I didn't take him up on that. Yes I do, its because I thought I needed to go further . About an hour later I was exhausted, and for the first time in 19 days I started chaffing. Boy do i regret that decision. The irony behind this is, since I haven't had this problem I put the chafing cream in the box I sent home today.

    With about 2500 more feet to climb, and some extreme uncomfortableness in my region down below. Tomorrow may be dreadful.
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  • Day85

    Day 20 : Still climbing

    October 8, 2016 in the United States

    Only got about 22 (tough) miles today. I passed 5000 feet a while back. With all the hills and the . . . discomfort, I am surprised I got this far. However, I am almost to the top! I can't believe the peak I'm seeing next to me is the same peak I saw two days ago in the distance.

    This has been insanely hard. I am ready to get over this mountain!!

    I am very close to Lassen Volcanic National Park. To go through it is actually less miles, but a park ranger told me it gets up to almost 10, 000 ft. No thank you. I'll take the extra miles over more elevation any day.

    I'm not coming across any towns now, so I have to watch my water. make sure i have food, and find my own places to sleep.

    I'm unsure what tomorrow is going to be like. I'm pretty high up, but I don't think I start going down until I get to Susanville. About 50 miles away. Probably two days at the rate I'm going.
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  • Day16

    Back to Lassen

    July 23, 2017 in the United States

    We had a nice breakfast in town in Chester and then made the drive back up to Lassen. First we stopped at the Sulfur Works which was equally stinky to Devil's Kitchen and then took in the views as we drove up towards Lassen Peak.

  • Day16

    Setting off to Lassen Peak

    July 23, 2017 in the United States

    Now, the kids will tell you that there was a grand conspiracy to get them to climb all the way to the peak of the mountain. The length is about 2.4 miles - about the same as the distance to Lone Pine Lake at Mt. Whitney. However the vertical climb is much more. The trail begins at about 8500 ft and ends at 10.565 ft. So that's a big climb up.

    So I won't say I wasn't eager to get the kids to make the whole hike. I was. But I also thought we might not make it and that would be OK too.

    There was quite a bit of snow to traverse. The ranger had said we might need crampons but we found the snow to be pretty soft by midday. Not that we didn't slip and slide a bit - but there was never a part that felt really dangerous.

    We had to rest frequently right from the get go and Franklin and Samantha were both tired almost right away given all the adventures we'd been having of late.
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  • Day16

    We keep on going...

    July 23, 2017 in the United States

    We kept on going even though it was steep. We stopped for a halfhearted lunch and kept discussing when we would turn around and go back.

    We met some folks coming down who told us that there was a migration of tortoise-shell monarch butterflies at the top pollenating the wildflowers so we decided it would be good to make it high enough to see that.

  • Day16

    One foot in front of the other

    July 23, 2017 in the United States

    The views were just amazing. We could see the outline of the wide crater that blew up 850,000 years ago. The kids were tired and several times we were on the absolute edge of stopping. I explained that my job as a dad is to push the kids to learn what their limits are.

    And then a magic moment I will never forget:

    Franklin (upset and tired): Dad - I don't know what my limit is!

    Me: I don't either honey. The question is, are you there yet?

    Franklin (resignedly): No...

    And we walked on. To pass the time I found a Lord of the Rings Trivia website. We did OK - Franklin did the best of us I would say.
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