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  • Day43

    Relaxing, progress day

    July 9, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    With Sue back at home visiting a recuperating of Daddy-O, I tried to get some things done that I have been avoiding.

    After over thirty seven days of travel and 4,800 miles on the road, my white Jeep was showing a lot of wear....mostly road dirt, dust and BUGS. RosieBus is also in need of attention. Therefore, it’s washday. It took about three hours but all looks great now, for the areas I can reach. Quite a bit remains above the RosieBus windshield, oh well.

    After that, a nice shower and grilled a steak. It is hard to ask for more when you add a big block of ice and a nice helping of Weller bourbon.

    If only this site had TV (over air), good cell service, etc. my WiFi is inop so I have to use my cell hot spot.

    At least I wore Rosie out.
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    Brad Schwartz

    That’s a fancy rv grill, nothing like I remember

    Ramsay Smith

    Ribeyes don’t need a sauce!

    Jerry Cox

    I drown them in sauce. The grill is most DEFINITELY an upgrade, lp gas and I actually have grilling tools.

    Stuart Carlson

    Where d you get the weller? Keep me in mind if you find it again

  • Day41

    Yellowstone Golf/RV Resort

    July 7, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

    Originally scheduled to be here on July 4th, so we could access Jackson Hole. However, it’s NOT a “resort” and it’s not close to Jackson Hole (it was as close as I could find for the 4th. Since I had reservations, it was use them or lose them (still have to pay).

    So we got here intending a week, as a base camp.

    However, the space is pretty basic, but acceptable. Gravel drives. So it’s dusty.

    Regardless, Sue’s dad (Daddy-O) isn’t doing well so I’ll get her to an airport, nearest one is an hour drive so she can head home. Rosie and I will either stay here and use our 7 days or relocate to a park where I can get a longer term and drive back to be with the family.

    It’s a fluid situation, but Sue either leaves today or tomorrow.

    Was having issues with my Jeep, which would be really bad right now, so I took it out to “run it” while Sue gets ready. On the way back, I saw why this park is attractive. It actually sits in the middle of massive farm fields, of various crops..... with no trees except for the park. When we arrived yesterday, it was hazy to the east and we didn’t notice the VIEW.

    Also last night, I tried and failed getting rhe grill started (don’t ask) so Sue crafted an amazing meal inside.
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    Andrea Gimm

    Quite the spread! You go Sue!

  • Day46

    Before Leaving Yellowstone RV Resort

    July 12, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    Walking Rosie at sunset, a task we both enjoy, I decided to take a "loop" and walk out of the resort, east on the approach road, and "sneak" into the resort from the back side. I'll acknowledge that this "footprint" is for my recollection alone as I decided I needed some images and notes so when I'm sitting at home and no longer traveling, I really want to remember the beauty I've experienced.

    Frankly, this is a less than a high-quality RV park. HOWEVER, where it sits boggles the mind in beauty, majesty and subtleness in its incredible views. Maybe it's just that I haven't traveled the interior of the US that much (a bucket list I'm striving to resolve), but tonight, it struck me that I have rarely, if ever seen this kind of overwhelming beauty...just farmland, but what farmland. So meticulously cared for, the miles and miles of wheat (I assume) and miles and miles of incredible irrigation systems...

    So these pictures are for me and my memory, but I think anyone that really looks at them (zoom in, I recommend it) will see a small part of what I've experienced....
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    Andrea Gimm

    Great shots! Peaceful 😊


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