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  • Day16

    Where we can check out anytime we want , but we can never leave...

    We were on the strip by 10:30 a.m. and got back to our room around midnight. We must have walked 10 miles. I only had one meltdown, when we walked by Caesar's Palace for the third time. You need to understand Caesar's Palace covers about six blocks.

    I am getting a foot massage now, so it is getting better by the moment. ☺

    We went to Mystere, one of the Cirque du Soleil shows, but could only get tickets for the 9:30 show. The show was great.

    What a long day. Besides my feet hurting, I was a little stressed over losing $25, but I guess it could have been worse!
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  • Day1

    Long flight and delayed at immigration for a biometric check. Picked up the hire car and headed off to the Venetian Hotel. Good quick service from Alamo. Great rooms in the hotel. Extra $32 per night per room hotel charge. After a Johnny Rockets burger it was off onto the strip. Stayed up to around 9.00 pm.

  • Day9

    We rolled into Las Vegas on the first stop of our Top Deck tour. 50 strangers at the start of the day became best buds by the end of the night with the help of some lubrication on the party bus while cruising up and down the strip.

    Our guide arranged entry to a club through her friend who is a promoter, after waiting in line for 1/2 an hr Joanne piked (sore feet from high heels) and got a cab home to Bally's. The 50-60 yr old driver sang Andrea Bocelli very proficiently all the way home serenading "beautiful Joanne". He got a pretty good tip.

    A few hours later Josh made it back to the hotel with a burger from Wahlburger. Had a decent hangover in the morning so the open air ride to the gun range in the hummer probably helped to be ready for the Barrett 50cal. sniper rifle and a German MG42 automatic machine gun at a gun range. The 50cal. rounds cost $30 ea... Joanne was proud of his restraint to spend only US$110 all up.

    Our first Vegas meal was at Margaritaville - food in Vegas is a little pricey but HUGE and they don't seem to mind split plates, the drinks are the same and very strong!!!

    Las Vegas came about when Spanish pioneers found a spring in the middle of the dry Nevada desert they were traversing. Old Vegas is Freemont St, we called by on our party bus tour for a light show with over 12 million lights (only in Vegas).

    Hard to describe Sin City... It's so OTT extravagant "why? because I can" Which is not our thing at all - the absolute waste amid poverty is not something we'd ever agree with, on the flip side it creates 000s of jobs and Vegas is one of the fastest growing regions in the US. It has a great vibe, everyone is there to have a great time, even the bums on the street are smiling. Because it is resort style it feels really safe, obviously you need to remain cautious all-the-same.
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  • Day1

    The rest didn't involve sleep that, with hindsight was brave! We decided to hit the the strip and it is everything I expected it to be and more. A total assault on the senses in every sense and I loved it. We worked our way to the Mirage to pick up tickets for a show which we had planned to see before we left. The Cirque Du Soleil were performing their own take on classic Beatles hits called 'Love'. The only thing was it didn't start till 9:30pm and with the time difference it was more like 3:30am. We took our time with dinner at 'LVB' and as this blog is called Wings and Shakes, I had my first Buffalo wings since being here. Not bad, only seven, not too much sauce and they were of good size. A decent start. Alice had what they called a 'BBC' (oh how we laughed) which was basically a chicken burger ala buffalo wings and was also well received. We then decided to go to Venice, or is that the Venetian, walking along paths and bridges inspired by the city. The gaudiness of it was not the most American thing I experienced... it was the elevators on all the bridges themselves! Brilliant. Delirium had kicked in by now and if it wasn't for the flashing lights at every eyeline, numerous glasses of coke, and something spectacular on every corner we would have both just collapsed and slept on a bench somewhere. We made it to 9:30pm and the show itself was fantastic. It was also perfect for what was needed; each song played to a totally different set and type of performance involving little story or concentration. Highly recommended and it has ensured that the Beatles will be on in the car tomorrow. By the time we got back to the hotel we had hit the 24hr mark of being awake. A great start to the holiday. Tomorrow we hit the road.

    Song of the Day:
    John Denver - Leaving on a Jet Plane
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  • Day148

    Sebastian brought me over to the strip for the very first time. I was so taken back by how grand everything is. I thought we walked must of the strip and he said not even half, but I was ready to go. I got lost in Caesar's palace and got to see the fountain show from across the street before we left for the night.

  • Day26

    Onward to Las Vegas!

    Wasn't sure I was going to like this place, not really designed for someone who doesn't drink, do drugs, gamble much, and can't hire prostitutes because Alex is here.

    But I kind of do like it here.

    Staying at the Venetian, been for all you can eat buffet, and walked some of the strip including watching the awesome fountains at the Bellagio.

    Unfortunately Celine Dion isn't on while we are here.Read more

  • Day13

    The day started with seeing what we think is a Google driverless car.
    From there we bought some space Jersey and saw the world's largest thermometer.
    Then we went to a sand dune, Hywel went up at the top, I didn't...

    Then onwards to our very fancy hotel in Las Vegas, went to a nice all you can eat buffet and then enjoyed the lights on our way back to the hotel.

  • Day27

    Today was spent mostly at the pool relaxing.

    We then started our gambling, I put $10 in and then lost it. Alex put $10 in and walked away $40. Then lost it.

    Finished the day with a beatles version of Cirque du Soleil.

  • Day9

    Joanne has wanted to see a Cirque for years and it is perfect that LOVE was showing in Vegas, at the Mirage.

    Josh decided to tag along in the end and we got tickets for $60 which is about a third of RRP. Before the 930pm showing we grabbed a giant frozen Pina colada which took 2 hrs to drink (fairly strong) and caught the volcano eruption outside the Mirage.

    Coincidentally there was an epic electrical storm going on which made it look as though the volcano was causing lightening.

    Video: https://vimeo.com/177021477

    The show was about to begin when the usher came over and asked if we would like an upgrade as there were some free seats closer down - did we ever?!

    So we watched the acrobats in awe from very good seats as they performed approx 30 Beatles songs. The director, set designers and choreographers are genius!

    Even Josh was impressed. You could probably see the show 3 times and still miss things, there is often 3-5 things going on at one time on the circular stage.

    Cannot recommend this show more and cannot wait to see more Cirque de Soliel as they tour NZ.
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  • Day2

    What a day! The helicopter ride was amazing and not nearly as scary as I thought it would be, if at all. The view was spectacular! Afterward we went to Caesar's for lunch and looked around the inside mall of high-end shops. There sure are a lot of expensive handbag shops! Then back to The Linq, where we're staying, for a short nap. We met up with the folks again at 5:15 to walk across the street to The Mirage to see the Cirque du Soleil show, Beatle's Love, at 7:00. It too was fantastic with outstanding acrobatics. We had a quick bite to eat afterward and called it a day. The plan is to meet up tomorrow morning at 6:30 to check out and head to our next stop, Zion National Park. Goodnight!!Read more

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