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  • Day26

    Arches National Park 2/2, USA

    July 11, 2017 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    Nous sommes allés faire une balade dans le parc national d'Arches. Imaginez monter pendant plus d'une heure sous 40 C. Ce n'est pas que je n'aime pas monter mais je n'ai pas trop aimé le début de la balade. Et tout ça pour voir une arche alors qu'il y en a 2 000 dans tout le parc. Bon certes le chemin et l'arche étaient très jolis mais quand même. Par contre j'ai beaucoup aimé la deuxième partie de la balade (la descente).


    Hier et avant-hier nous sommes allés dans un parc avec un tas d'arches. Ça a donné le nom au parc "Arches national park".

    Comment une arche se crée?
    D'abord c'est un rocher comme les autres puis l'érosion affine la pierre et forme un trou dessous et ça donne un arche qui au bout d'un moment s'écroule. 

    Les Indiens d'Amérique étaient ils venus à proximité des arches?
    Oui car nous avons vu des pétroglyphes dessinés par les Indiens.

    Lexique : 
    Arche : un arche est un pont naturel.
    Érosion : l'érosion est l'usure de la pierre avec le temps.
    pétroglyphe : les pétroglyphes sont des dessins sur la pierre.

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  • Day34

    Trek America - Moab

    May 23, 2015 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 57 °F

    We planned an early departure (5:30am) back into the Arches National Park to hike into ‘The Devil’s Garden’, which took us past and through some of the park’s arches. Emily informed us that the three requirements for an arch are; for it to be 3 metres or more in diameter; be naturally made; you have to be able to view the sky through it.

    Like a blanket being slowly draped over a surface, light moved across the domed sandstone towers as the sun rose up into the sky. It flashed through the arches that we gazed out of, like windows into the world. Small rabbits darted across the pathway whilst crows sang somewhere high in the rock. The first part of the trail was well trodden and maintained but as we moved further through our 6-7 mile hike, the path moved to being ‘semi-primitive’ and then ‘primitive’ as illustrated by our map. This meant that we were increasingly required to clamber and scramble over, round, down and through sandstone walkways along the trail. When we arrived at arches, we would rest under them, taking on food and water to continue on.

    The sandstone contains furrows and hollows like magnified fingerprints, which were created by water during the early creation of the earth. Whilst the sun rose higher in the sky we remained in shadow at times due to the towering rocks around us. At the highest elevation of the trail the views stretched for miles with distant mountain ranges visible across the bright blue sky. Again rain clouds threatened as we finished the trail whilst many others were only just starting.

    We moved through the park to view ‘The Windows’ arches, three connecting arches that when viewed from below form windows to the sky. Several of us climbed over the rock to look out through the end window, which has views across the park. We were especially grateful for starting so early as when we exited the park we saw the long line of vehicles attempting to get in.

    By the time we returned to camp it was only 11:30am but we had the remainder of the day to ourselves. Kim took a nap before we went out to Moab Brewery for craft beer and chips. We went and did some shopping in Moab and drank more beer before heading out to Horseshoe Point State Park for a picnic dinner. The views were fantastic with canyon after canyon of red sandstone rolling out into the distance. After being up close to the rock during our hike this morning, this view gave us perspective of how enormous the park and its canyons are. We can only imagine what scale that the grand canyon will be given the size of what we have seen.

    We ate our picnic and sat out with others on the cliff edges (including a motorbike gang where one member proposed to his girlfriend on edge of the canyon) hoping to catch a sunset, which was once again thwarted by rain clouds. It didn't stop us having a brilliant time and we returned to camp full from our sensory feast.
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  • Day98

    Arches Nationalpark

    September 13, 2017 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    Dies ist ein Park mit der weltweit größten Konzentration an natürlichen Steinbögen ( Arches heist im englischen Bögen). Sie sind aus Sandstein und entstehen durch Erosion ohne Beteiligung von fließendem Wasser.
    Dort war es sehr heiß, 37°C, sodas man wirklich nur morgens oder abends wandern könnte. Hinzu kamen einige Gewitter, die unser billig Zelt erstaunlicherweise gut überlebt hat!Read more

  • Day154


    October 17, 2016 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 20 °C

    We spent another languid morning at the Lazy Lizard Hostel and chatted to friends and family back home. We then drove the hour and a half to an area called The Needles in the southern end of the Canyonlands NP. We had a little stop at Newspaper Rock which has been used as a notepad for many different cultures over 1500 years. We set up camp nice and early just outside the park and cooked scones (aka biscuits in the native tongue) in our dutch oven. Around 8pm the campsite erupted with howling as the full moon rose over the surrounding ridge.

    In the morning we drove to the trailhead at the end of a bumpy, dusty road and immediately had to climb up through steps built into a narrow crack in the rocks. The scenery was incredible with mushroom rocks, stacks, spires, and narrow cracks through massive chunks of rock. After a couple of hours we came to the Joint Trail, which was thought meant shared, but in fact referred to a half mike long crack in the rock a few feet wide but just enough to squeeze the trail through. It was pretty amazing and way tighter than anything we had navigated before. We headed back to the hostel for a well needed shower (as its still drippingly hot in the day).

    Moab is a mecca for mountain bikers and I had little choice but to hire a full suspension bike (as my wheel was still tacoed). I've only ever ridden a front suspension before (mine must be pushing 20 years old too) so it was a bit of a revelation to be completely off balance and going to fast towards a scary looking obstacle, only to bump over it almost as if it wasn't there. It does take a lot of the skill out of technical riding but the hands/arse definitely appreciated the softer ride and boy was it fun to thrash around on the slick rock and single track. We returned to town utterly spent, but did manage to stagger down to the brewery and had a fascinating night talking to a guy called Richard who runs 34 miles FOR FUN!
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  • Day9

    Landscape Arch

    June 25, 2016 in the United States ⋅ 🌙 81 °F

    After our AM hike, we retreated into the RV to cool down and have lunch. Trekked up to Devil's Garden with easier 1.6 mile hike to Landscape Arch. I had more built up in my head, but it was still nice. Wearing our Hawks shirts, we pulled out our 12th Man flag for a photo. Decided we were all hiked out, so we headed down to the Visitor's Center for requisite Junior Ranger badges and small souvenirs.

    The boys dropped me off at the laundromat, while they went for a swim. Eight days of clothes for four people ended up being a lot!! Fortunately, large capacity commercial washers meant I was done in under 90 minutes. Opportunity to write some postcards. High of 104 in Moab today!

    Grocery shopping afterward. Tom went to replace his flip flops, which were on the verge of a blow out, while I grilled up steaks, corn, and asparagus poolside. Finally my turn to take a cooling dip!

    The days are very long, but the trip is racing by all the same!!

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  • Day9

    Arches National Park, UT

    June 25, 2016 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 91 °F

    We went on a 3 mile round trip hike to Delicate Arch and had a 500 ft elevation change and hiked over Slick Rock and my Dad, Rowan and I climbed up a to an arch that form in a wall which from far away looked like a shady alcove and not an arch. My mom took a detour to see some petroglyphs. Saw frogs under the bridge.

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  • Day12


    April 4, 2015 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 52 °F

    The owner of the B & B tells us that we need to be up and at the park at 8.00 for any chance to see the delicate arch so we are up at the crack of dawn and still were lucky to get the last parking space at the base of the hike up there . Its a very steep 3 mile climb up to the top of the mountain to see the arch and extremely hot even at this early hour but soo worth the climbRead more

  • Day11

    Arches National Park

    September 21, 2016 in the United States ⋅ ☁️ 18 °C

    Der Park der natürlichen Bögen aus Sandstein war perfekt für einen Tagesausflug. Es hat ein wenig geregnet, aber wir hatten insgesamt echt Glück mit dem Wetter!

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