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  • Day1396

    USA Tour - Austin - Texas

    January 7 in the United States ⋅ ☁️ 21 °C

    I got my coach today from Dallas down to Austin. But as per usual, it was delayed!

    I ended up getting into Austin 2 hours later than expected and the coach doesn’t stop in Austin, it stops aaaaaages away so I had to get a Uber to my hostel.

    First impression of the hostel was - stoners! The place reeked of weed.

    Upon checking in To my room I was greeted by David from Sweden and Michelle from Singapore, who are both waiting for their dorms to be ready at the university of Texas which was about a 5 minute walk from the hostel. I asked them where was good for a bevvy.... they had no idea what that meant. So I asked where was good for a beer. They recommended a place called pluckers which was 10 mins away.

    It did not disappoint.

    Cool sports bar with steins for $6 and buffalo wings for $5 - heaven!

    I was in there for a few hours and got a scooter back to the hostel. If I thought it reeked of weed this morning, now it was 10 times worse. Kinda annoying but sometimes that’s the chance you take with a hostel... especially one so close to a university full of students!
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  • Day1397

    USA Tour - Austin - Texas

    January 8 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    Exploring day today!

    Sun was shining, heat was blazing down it would be a shame to waste it!

    I had no particular plan today - I just wanted to walk around Austin. I didn’t google or look into things to do or see, I just wanted to see what I would discover.

    Much better city than Dallas, easier to walk around, and just prettier in general.

    I walked EVERYWHERE, my legs where killing me.

    I ended up in this saloon bar which was awesome, proper cowboy feel to it. Cowboys walking in with their guns strapped to them and that, proper sick like!

    I ended up seeing state capitol (which is bigger than DC) which is cool, and I walked about 20 miles in total according to my phone


    I love you
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  • Day73


    November 10, 2017 in the United States

    We left New Mexico after visiting the International UFO Museum in Roswell. It was fun and pretty amateurish. Then we entered Texas. .

    In Texas, flags were at half mast for the church massacre by a former American soldier. The hopeless split between the Gun-lovin’ rednecks and reasonable people meant we travelers simply did not discuss it — with strangers, anyway. (Headline: “Hometown Hero Uses Gun on Gunman”). In fact, when Tarjei became irritated with another driver, I had to warn him “That guy is probably armed, so just cool it.”

    On a cheerier note, we saw the Abilene International Short Film Festival — really great. Very eclectic mix. A Syrian man in a refugee camp tossed his young daughter off the wharf into the sea to teach her to swim because he knew she had to learn to survive on the boat journey accross the Mediterranean. A quirky animated film showed chameleon romance in a subway station.

    We went to a great little bar in downtown Abilene and discovered (much to my disappointment) Abilene Texas is NOT the “prettiest town that I ever seen” — that song is about Abilene Kansas. But there were some very interesting women there, and they didn’t “treat us mean” so we had fun.

    In Austin, we had booked an Air BnB on a whim — an Airstream Trailer in somebody’s backyard. The on-line photo was taken at an angle which made it look quite large, which shows how clever the photographer was. There was barely space for the 4 of us to be in the structure at one time. If Tarjei and I were lying in bed, Boots and Jabba could fit on the floor. So we were very snug.

    We met up with Charlotte (my med school friend) and her husband Barry — they were visiting their son who is doing his PhD in Austin. Charlotte and I went swimming in Barton Springs — a huge natural spring — and the Guys & Dogs went to a canine-friendly bar for local brew. Both the beer and Barton Springs were very large, very cold, and lovely. All of Austin seemed to be dog-friendly. The restaurants had outdoor patios where every table had one or two dogs on leash, and dogs were expected to treat people & other dogs with civility. Jabba and Boots adjusted quickly except for the occasional raised hackles and throaty growl by Boots.

    We had an evening kayak paddle on LadyBird Lake in downtown Austin and watched thousands of bats emerge from under a bridge.

    In San Antonio We visited the Museum of Art and the Zoo. We saw one of my favorite singers, Iris Dement, in concert. (“Let the Mystery Be”, brilliant song, will be heard at my funeral.) She galvanized the audience and had us singing along with protest songs like it was 1968.

    Right now we are driving to Wimberly, Texas to visit our friend Angier Peavy for a couple of days. Who knows what adventures we will have with Angier, who used to be in the American foreign service.
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  • Day136


    November 27, 2016 in the United States

    We had a wonderful thanksgiving trip to Austin! We loved relaxing with friends and family. I made bread with my mom, Ross cut down trees with my dad, and we all wore matching turkey trot t-shirts while we walked 2 miles around the ranch!

  • Day69

    Day 69 - Winging It In Austin

    November 15, 2016 in the United States

    A driving day today as we headed to Austin. The drive wasn't too long and once we arrived there we were too early to check in to our hotel. We decided on killing time by going to a shopping mall.

    In Texas in particular, the intense heat (even in November) means a trip to a shopping mall is a opportunity to feel some air conditioning. This mall was also quite unique as it had a lot of alternative shops and not as many large brands. There was even a pokemon shop! We had already eaten at Applebee's just outside the mall and so we just wandered around the mall with cups of coffee in our hands.

    When enough time had passed we drove to our hotel and decided on dinner. We were going for wings again. We felt we had had enough of a break from eating wings since the 'Buffalo experience'. We searched for a place with decent reviews and opted for Pluckers. I ordered 15 wings of three flavours; medium Buffalo, Mangonero (mango and habanero) and Honey BBQ. Alice had 10 wings with two flavours, Bakers Gold (mustard with not sure what else) and Spicy Ranch (which was a dry rub) with a side of waffle fries. They were all really good and restored our faith in the winged wonders. My favourites were the Buffalo and Mangonero and Alice's were the Buffalo and the Baker's Gold. An enjoyable dinner and a good start to the first of two days here in Austin.

    Song of the Day:
    Macklemore and Ryan Lewis - Thrift Store (wanted a shopping themed song)
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  • Day70

    Day 70 - Lost In Austin

    November 16, 2016 in the United States

    Today was another hot one. We had nothing definite planned for the day except to have a look around the city of Austin.

    There is a liberal feel to the city that has only accelerated with the continued growth of the SXSW Festival. On the main throughfare, Congress Avenue, there are a number of alternative clothes shops and coffee shops. Sixth Street crosses Congress Avenue and it is on here that you will find the majority of the drinking venues that lay the claim to Austin being the home of live music. A short walk away and we visited a large book store, Book People. Another large, airy and well stocked store that Alice and I spent a good while browsing and enjoying the air conditioning. A bit further on and there is a large graffiti park that was larger than I expected. It appears that people are free to spray what they like (within reason I'm guessing) where they want to. One part of me appreciates the idea of collective spray painting and the community aspect, whilst the other thinks that the artistic aspect is lost in all the random basic doodlings, sometimes over other people's very impressive murals. However, I suppose that is the whole point of a free space for people to spray as they chose. An interesting space and talking point about art and the ideals of freedom of expression. Whilst walking back we popped into a large independent record store, Waterloo and had a look around.

    We were getting hungry by now and decided on getting lunch at Wholefoods. In the UK you might find the occasional salad bar in a Tesco or at a dedicated small organic food store, but Wholefoods take salad bars to another level. We had salad for lunch as we've eaten a lot of meat recently we were keen to jump on anything remotely green and crunchy. There were rows and rows of options and as tends to be the case we assumed that it wouldn't be filling and so picked up the largest boxes available. Salad isn't really filling until you start pilling in grains, bread, pasta and chickpeas as just the lowest level of the box. It suddenly has more heft, and heft also leads to a double take at the cash register. Wow, those were some expensive salads. However, our bodies were crying out for a non-fried meal and we were happy to oblige.

    Having ticked every hipster daily routine box possible (to-go coffee, visiting alternative shops, an independent book store and record store, admired some graffiti and ate our freshly picked lunch) there was only one thing left to do, lounge by the pool. We headed back to our Super 8 Motel, got into our swimming gear and meandered over to the pool. The pool was shaded by the L-shaped motel and seemed like an ideal time to be going for a dip as it was blisteringly hot. The water turned out to be ridiculously cold. Alice braved it by literally inching her way to the deeper end of the pool starting at her knee height. I just sat in the middle with my legs dangling into the water. By the time Alice had made it to me, with the water at her shoulder height, we both felt as though we were losing sensation in our feet. We lounged in the sun, warming up for a bit and then went back to the room to get ready before going out.

    We went for a world known local combination, the Tex-Mex. Pappasito's was packed which was a good sign for a Thursday night. We found out later on that it was fajita night. We weren't sure what that meant as we had already ordered by that point, ribs for me and enchiladas for Alice. Alice was sure that the meal she received was not what she had ordered as it should have been a combination plate, but we really enjoyed what we had anyway. We finished our meals and before considering whether we should have dessert we were given a dessert for free, a sponge cake with cream and milk. We're still not sure why we were given it, maybe the waitress realised she accidentally gave Alice the wrong meal or that our wait for our mains was a bit longer than usual. We weren't bothered and didn't make a fuss about those minor things and it felt glib to ask why she gave it to us. Maybe fajita night is free cake night! It was a pleasant surprise anyway and we left happy and full.

    Song of the Day:
    The Mystery Jets - Lost in Austin
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  • Day43

    People Are Strange

    June 28, 2016 in the United States

    After a hot night in a Walmart carpark (the state park we'd driven to was closed due to flooding, and the two other RV parks looked like the set of 8 Mile), we hightailed it to Austin so we could watch the England vs Iceland match. The less said about that debacle the better... Only positive is we watched it whilst eating doughnut burgers - so wrong, but sooo right!

    We toured the state Capitol & were surprised to find out Texas was part of Spain, France, Mexico and was even an independent country for 10 years.

    Again it was melting hot (has been for weeks) so we spent the next day swimming in McKinley Falls State Park - such fun jumping in off ledges and swimming up as close as you could to the waterfalls before being swept away. We then headed to SoCo (South Congress St) to the legen(... 'wait for it'...)dary, Continental Club where local favourite Toni Price was playing - think Amy Winehouse in 20 years time. It started slowly but ended up being a surreal night once we got chatting with the locals and embraced the true Texan way...
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  • Day11

    Austin, TX

    October 28, 2016 in the United States

    Fooooood truck get in my belly!

    Popped into Austin for some live music and two-stepping late into the night. Our air bnb hosts (couple of legends) pointed us to a great recovery session and the Barton Springs. Beautiful clear warm water and turtles everywhere. Great few nights out and a town full of such friendly people!!

    Sixth street was the place to be for dive bars and live music. Three or four blocks stacked with bars with rooftops and slightly less obnoxious americans which shouldn't be missed. Slightly further east the density decreases and the bars become less divey but just as lively. The white horse was a great place to try your feet on a western dance floor. Don't wear jandals. Do wear cowboy hats.

    Highly recommend this city!!
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  • Day157

    Austin Hitchin'

    September 2, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 90 °F

    At a gathering of the extended Camarata-Bohrer and McCann-McCleary clans Robyn and Doug were hitched. The highlight of the wedding procession (besides Doug and Robyn) was to be their English bulldog. Alas, he was recovering from surgery and couldn't make it. So Brendan carried our grandson Elliot down the aisle. The other missing highlights were the wedding rings. They turned up an hour after the ceremony. Question is, are they still legally married?

    Anyway, it was great fun. We especially enjoyed meeting the new extended Bohrer family and getting together with all of our relatives and out-of-town friends for a weekend of revelry.
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  • Day1

    All aboard

    June 16, 2016 in the United States

    After falling behind in the home renovations and tweaking my back moving furniture, we decided beginning a northbound thru hike of the Appalachian would have to be postponed. Instead, we opted to go with a 45 day rail pass. During this time, we hope to visit some of the great national parks in this country and see some of the country side.Read more

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