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  • Day28

    Close to New York again

    June 25, 2019 in the United States ⋅ 🌧 21 °C

    Wir haben auf dem Campround in Unadilla noch den Abend verbracht. Direkt neben uns stand eine nette Familie aus Montreal, mit drei Kindern, zwei für Maxi, und eine kleine Maus für Mathilda. Die Eltern waren etwas panisch auf der Suche nach einem Shop, in dem sie Wein kaufen können. Ich glaub bei drei Kindern steigt der Bedarf😂😂. Wir haben ihnen eine Flasche Weißwein angeboten, aber sie haben abgelehnt. Kurze Zeit später war mir klar warum: sie brauchten mehr😂, sie haben sich mal locker beim ersten Würtschen ne Pulle in den Kopp geknallt😂😂. Sehr vernünftig, ist ja schließlich Urlaub. Bei längerem Nachdenken ist mir aufgefallen, dass ich mich da früher auch nicht bang gemacht habe im Urlaub ne halbe Pulle wegzuhauen. Mathilda hat uns diesbezüglich einen günstigen Urlaub beschert, im Ganzen waren es zwei Flaschen Wein von denen ich Bernd noch wat abgegeben habe. Der hatte sich hier eher auf regionale Biersorten spezialisiert 😉

    Die Kinder haben jedenfalls schön zusammen gespielt, Baseball, Fußball, Playmobil. Verständigen konnten sie sich irgendwie. Danach haben alle noch zusammen Feuerchen gemacht und die Kokelbande ist stinkend ins Bett gekommen😂. Am Morgen hat es geschüttet und es war kalt. Wir haben uns dann überlegt direkt durchzufahren zum letzten Campground, eigentlich nur 320 Meilen, aber das ist viel hier. Die "highways" sind echte Buckelpisten und nach 4,5 Stunden und etwas mehr als der Hälfte waren es verlockende 27 Grad und Sonnenschein, sodass wir in Plattekill einen schönen Platz genommen haben und erstmal im Schwimmbad waren, Eis kaufen und ne Runde Minigolf gespielt haben . Leider hat es dort in der Nacht zuvor wohl unfassbar geregnet, der Stellplatz war übelst vermatscht. Bei 27 Grad und Sonnenschein fand ich es aber etwas gemein, Thildi in die Matschhose zu stecken. Also waren wir nur zum Essen und Schlafen auf unserem Platz😉.
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  • Day110

    Back in New York

    July 7 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 86 °F

    My pulled pork mac-n-cheese was deeeeelicious! And I followed it with a cup of coffee and bread pudding covered in maple syrup 😱. I needed a nap afterwards 🤣.

    The weather held until 17:00 when I, heading southwest, ran smack into a storm front moving southeast. Moving fast. The lightning was beautiful in the distance, but not so much when it was above me 😳. The road spray was the worst though. Although I put on my rain gear top, I didn't put on the bottoms, so by the time I made it to the hotel, my chaps and most of my jeans were wet. Worst of all, because I was trying to find a gas station in the storm, I missed the Harley dealership in Leominster, MA 😭. But I went 142.2 miles on that tank 😳😁.

    I made it to the hotel in Sturbridge, Massachusetts, about the time the front passed me, 18:30-ish, but I still didn't want to get out for food, so I stayed in and called it an early night.

    I woke up this morning to a gorgeous day, clear skies and sunshine. I hit the road at 07:00, and it has remained a great day through Connecticut and New York. While in Connecticut, I picked up the 50 Rides 1 Nation photo at a beautiful covered bridge. This makes 24 of the 48 I plan to hit this summer. Half way!!!

    I'm now stopped at gas station for lunch in rural New York. The nice weather has dried out my chaps and jeans, and it's gotten quite warm. It's very pretty here and thankfully they drive faster than in Maine. Wow, do Maine-iacs drive slowly, like 10 miles an hour under the very low speed limits. It's nice to feel I'm making progress again.

    So long [for now], and thanks for all the fish! ✌️

    Day 109 mileage: 463.6 (total 25272.2)
    HD Dealership Challenge: 7 (total 229)
    50 Rides, 1 Nation: 1 (total 24)
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  • Day10

    Finding motor parts and friends

    October 10, 2017 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    After a few days of stopping at every marina we saw looking for a water pump for our Atomic 4, we finally found one! Our friends from Galway Bay just happened to pass in front of us while we were on shore. We anchored together and made a bonfire on the tiny beach.Read more

  • Day16

    Day 15 - The Falcon

    August 30, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    Today we just traveled up to Marlboro to play a show at the Falcon. We stayed at a farmhouse owned by a local musician and his wife. I stayed alone in their oddly shaped attic. The home is super old so it was all odd triangular angles so you had to duck down in the room.

    We went to the gig and found out it was only one set. We got a complain the bass was sleeping into the venue directly above or below is, and they were mad because it was being recorded. Probably shouldn’t schedule two bands when something like that is happening.

    The gig was good and short. The food was kind of dumb, though. My salad was a baby salad.

    One thing to note. Earlier in the day we tried to get a Popeyes chicken sandwich. Apparently they are completely sold out. Oh well.
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    Garry Pomerleau

    Kinda like Kevin in Home Alone

  • Day8


    April 26, 2017 in the United States ⋅ ☁️ 63 °F

    The other side is getting further and further away

    Ric Hancock

    Yeah son, you're almost into my old mission territory! :D

    Jamin Hancock

    What towns should I be looking for?

    Ric Hancock

    Poughkeepsie was one of the far away places

    Ric Hancock

    Let's see... Danbury and Woodbury too. You're getting ready close to New York City! :D

  • Day5

    Woodstock, town of peace and love

    May 13 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 63 °F

    Although not the actual site of the famous 1969 concert, Woodstock continues the good vibes with a Buddhist monastery, excellent vegan restaurants, and a friendly feeling. This is layered on an old Dutch village with a prominent Dutch
    evangelical church and an old mill stream in the middle of town. But wait—there is also a tiny Russian Orthodox chapel right next to the monastery. Set in the beautiful Catskills near the Hudson River Valley in New York State.
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  • Day15

    We Did It!

    November 7, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 16 °C

    Driving back from the victory celebration I couldn’t help smiling at each Delgado for Congress sign.

    The weather was miserable for most of the day which we all know is not good for Democrats. I opened the office at 7:15am and prepped the turf sheets. The first shift was scheduled for 8am. And they came. All day. Midday volunteers came back from knocking doors with soaking literature and coats ready for another turf. 107 volunteers did over 3,200 doors.

    But was it enough? Sullivan County is red. The large Hasidic community votes Republican - Israel. The campaign prioritized the relatively large African American vote in Monticello that traditionally under-votes their numbers in this predominantly or should I say overwhelmingly white district. Somehow one of the large complexes had their apartment numbering and mailboxes changed which didn’t get changed on the voter lists. Our canvassers had major problems finding the doors of our hundred plus Delgado voters.

    At 8 o’clock the last canvassers checked back in totaling 121 turfs. Unbelievable.

    We got to the Election Night party at about 10pm. Early tallies had us up by a couple points. Anxious and excited and hopeful. And at about 11pm CNN called it for Antonio. The room went wild! I yelled, jumped up and down, cried and laughed. We worked so hard. And winning feels like nothing else.

    The Sheriff’s race was called just before ours and Figueroa, who is new to politics, had just gotten up on stage to speak. He gave a passionate speech about protecting everyone and bring justice and equality front and center. There is a new Sheriff in town. Stirring and poignant.

    The crowd chanted Del-ga-do, Del-ga-do, until Congressman-Elect Delgado came around the corner with his wife Lacie up to the stage. Pandemonium. He delivered a humble, gracious, and heartfelt oration. The whole beautiful and diverse crowd cheered and shouted and cried.

    I’m writing this on the plane heading back to Portland where it was a good night too. Kate, JoAnn, defeat anti-sanctuary and abortion measures and passing climate change jobs. Nice work Portland.

    We are clawing our way back. I’m deeply thankful that we took the House and added some new women and people of color to lead. And as hard as we all worked this cycle, we have to double-down and build organizations to keep moving in the right direction.

    I pledged to fight like hell this election. I believe I made a difference.
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Ulster County, مقاطعة أولستر, Ълстър, আলসটের কাউন্টি, Condado de Ulster, Ulsteri maakond, Ulster konderria, شهرستان اولستر، نیویورک, Comté d'Ulster, Ulster megye, Օլստեր շրջան, Contea di Ulster, アルスター郡, Ulster Comitatus, Ulster Kūn, Hrabstwo Ulster, السٹر کاؤنٹی, Comitatul Ulster, Олстер, Округ Алстер, Ольстер, السٹر کاؤنٹی، نیویارک, Quận Ulster, Condado han Ulster, 阿爾斯特縣