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  • Day16

    Hitting the road

    November 15, 2017 in the United States

    We hired a car in DC and hit the road heading south through Virginia. We spent the night in Blacksberg which is a University town and we found a delightful diner called Lefties that had some delicious craft beers that they brew on site. We also went to the movies and saw Orient Express and ate a crazy amount of american candy!Read more

  • Day16

    3.2 Going out with the boat

    September 8 in the United States

    It’s really cool, if you have the chance to go out with the boat whenever you want. Well, weather and tide are to be taken into consideration.

    And if you are lucky, you see dolphins and an wonderful sunset. NICE.

  • Day2

    Why do we even bother...

    October 22 in the United States

    Apart from our excitement for the wedding we have really been looking forward to our trip to the Catskill Mountains to see the Fall. And today the day has come to pick up our booked car and drive into the mountains!

    Really excited we got up and ready and began our 1.5 hour journey to the car rental pickup point. Oh and before I carry on, a tip for anyone who wants to rent a car in NYC. If you cross over to NJ then the rental is half the price. We arrived for 12:30pm and all transport ran smoothly. But then things rapidly went downhill. We gave all the relevant documents to the car hire guy and he then asked what insurance we had. We said we don't have any and that the car will have basic insurance. It seems this is not the case. If you are not a US citizen you have to purchase additional insurance for the car and it comes with zero insurance. The guy quoted $45 per day extra for the insurance. This would make the car rental twice the price that we budgeted for it. Apologies for my language but SHIIIIIIT!! Our hearts sank. This did not happen to us last when we rented a car here! We then spent the next hour and a half researching how we can get cheaper insurance or even book the car with an alternative rental company. We came to an absolute dead end. Our two options were to pay $200 extra or cancel our trip to Catskill and stay in NYC. We decided the latter.

    It was now gone 2pm and we were both quite miserable as you can probably understand, so we went for a cheer up dunkin donut lunch. We ordered two cheese bagels, a Boston creme donut and 2 hot drinks. I must admit it was pretty good 😂

    By the time we turned our frowns upside down it was nearly 4pm so we headed back to the flat to put our luggage back down. It was now nearly 6pm. We both decided the one thing that will make us happy is good old home cooked food so we went to the supermarket and bought ingredients for spaghetti carbonara!! It's my favourite dish that Will makes and honestly it made me super happy once we slurped it up.

    Did we make the right decision? Well we saved money by cancelling our accomodation (well we lost 2 nights rent) and car hire, so overall we were winning, but we were both gutted to not see the fall and literally spend a whole day on the subway and buses!

    Tomorrow will be a fresh start so let's see what tomorrow brings! They do say bad luck comes in threes...
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  • Day10


    October 28 in the United States

    Third and final World Heritage site here in the north-east. Packed up and headed off, but had a disaster getting out of Washington. The airport where we were picking up our rental car is miles out of town and not very well connected, so we got a train into the city and waited for a bus. And waited. And waited. Eventually someone else waiting called up and was told that the airport bus was leaving from a totally different place on the other end of the city, because there was a marathon event happening (it was a Sunday morning, after all).

    So we traipsed over there, eventually managed to find the bus stop and waited again. Still no bus. Eventually we got a Lyft (similar to Uber) out to the airport, which again took ages because of traffic from the marathon. Shared our ride with a Korean guy who was trying to get to the airport as well, so thankfully the cost wasn't too bad. And the driver was a lot of fun too - very chatty guy.

    Made it to the airport with one minute to spare - original plan had us arriving at 9:30 for a 10am car pickup. We made it at 10:59! Usually if you don't arrive within an hour (and you're not on a delayed flight), they call it a no-show and you have to rebook at the day rate which would be way more expensive.

    Finally with our car, we drove south west into Virginia towards Monticello, the plantation home of Thomas Jefferson. He was probably the most important or second-most important of the founding fathers, as he wrote the Declaration of Independence, and while President he organised the Louisiana Purchase which essentially doubled the US's territory. Was interesting to see his home which he'd designed personally, though again we were a bit rushed for time because we were so late getting out there.

    We also stopped by the University of Virginia which Jefferson had also founded, believing that education was the key to a democratic society. He was probably right, given what we see these days!

    Drove back to Washington DC where we had a Motel 6 booked about 20 minutes from the airport. Early flight tomorrow so it'll be an early start!
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  • Day1351

    USA Tour - Washington/Virginia

    November 23 in the United States

    First full day in Washington today so decided to go out and check the landmarks out. DC is bigger than what I thought... started off at the Whitehouse, completely underwhelming, couldn’t get anywhere near it really and it’s not even That big. Then I moved onto the Washington monument but that was closed for repairs. Ended up by the WW2 memorial which was actually pretty good, then I walked down to the Lincoln memorial which as memorials go is pretty fucking good. A lot bigger than what I expected even though it looked big in planet of the apes and team America. Also managed to see the Vietnam war memorial, the Korean War memorial, Martin Luther King JR memorial, Franklin Roosevelt Memorial, DC War Memorial, Thomas Jefferson Memorial, The Pentagon (couldn’t get that close to it though unfortunately - TEAM SNOWDEN) Arlington Cemetery, JF Kennedy gravesite, The Tomb of the forgotten soldier and then my favourite... the US Marine Corps memorial. It was a looooong day and many many miles where walked. But it was a great day that I really enjoyed, I think it helped that it was relatively quiet as people where still celebrating thanksgiving. Picked up a McDonald’s on the way back cause that’s a local thing to do...Read more

  • Day18

    3.3 Visiting the capital of Virginia

    September 10 in the United States

    I was lucky to be able to visit my cousin who is studying at VCU as an art student.

    I stayed quite a while and we had a lot of fun. Thanks Melissa.

  • Day110


    July 18 in the United States

    Thanks to my taste for crime fiction, I had imagined Washington to be a city full of crack addicts on every corner, rampant crime, and sad homelessness. I am so pleasantly surprised! Well, maybe it is, but definitely not in the tourist hot-spots, and also no signs of it in Arlington, where we are staying. It's all clean, wide streets, organic markets, and fresh air. The Metro is the cleanest and easiest of all we have traveled. No one has asked us for cash and it feels okay to sit on the subway seats and there are no unpleasant city smells.

    Today we walked from the Capitol down the long National Mall to the Lincoln Memorial. We caught a few glimpses of the White House on the way back to the Metro. But 20,000 steps on we were too tired to tourist further. Good thing we have a week here. Sooooo much to do!

    Washington is great (apart from our president, who is a national disgrace). There’s so much to see, do, and learn. Nonetheless, we are never at risk of taxing ourselves. Caught up with my cousin, Matt, & his lovely family on Saturday. Very nice to see him after something like 20 years (& I hope I didn’t refer to him as Tony too often- the Lewis boys definitely look alike!) Another highlight was catching up with Michael & Tonya, fellow debate-team/ speech & drama nerds and v close friends from high school. They have gone on to live spectacular lives and I had no idea how much I missed them. Could have spent all day chatting.

    We have toured the US Capitol, the Library of Congress, visited the White House, and played at the Smithsonian Museum of American History. And we haven’t even made a dent!!
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  • Day9

    Dynamite Tour of Washington DC

    November 22, 2017 in the United States

    This morning we were collected by Brian from Bi-Partisan Tour Company, to start our tour of Washington. Although we had visited a number of places the day before, we were happy to return to them. Brian runs an excellent tour. He is passionate about Washington and history, and he tells a great story. We started off at the 2nd World War Memorial, followed by the Lincoln Memorial and the Korean War Memorial. We then briefly passed by Arlington Cemetery, which is located across the Potomac River, the Airforce Memorial, and the Pentagon, which is huge. Around 15,000 staff work there, and about 4,000 contractors - the busiest Starbucks is located at the Pentagon!

    We then crossed back over the Potomac and went to the Jefferson Memorial, which is surrounded by cherry blossom trees and sits on the shore of the Tidal Basin (so it was very chilly and windy). During the construction of the Jefferson Memorial, a number of ladies chained themselves to the cherry trees in protest of them needing to be chopped down for the Memorial. To deal with this, President Roosevelt ordered his staff to prepare tea, coffee and cake for the protestors and, within a couple of hours, the ladies needed to be excused, so that was the end of the protest and construction proceeded. Next we went to the Roosevelt Memorial and the Martin Luther King Jnr Memorial, and we were able to walk between them along the Tidal Basin. Once again we have had great weather - blue sky and sunshine - although a bit nippy!

    After a lunch break we visited the front of the White House, then onto the Einstein Memorial, the National Academy of Sciences, and the Vietnam War Veterans Memorial - which is a wall that is cut into the earth and slopes down into the ground. All 58,272 war casualties are listed on the wall in the order they died. There was a competition for the design of this Memorial, and it was won by a recent graduate - all 9 judges agreed on the design from 1,500 entries. It is both a somber and powerful Memorial. We then headed back down the National Mall towards the US Capital Building on the Hill. The view down the Mall to the Washington Monument through to the Lincoln Memorial is quite breathtaking. We also saw the Grant Memorial and the Peace Monument. Brian then drove us through Chinatown and dropped us at the International Spy Museum.

    The International Spy Museum was very interesting and a bit of fun. On entering you are asked to pick an alias that you must memorise the details of and be tested on. I was Gary Wozniak, 25 years, Canadian Citizen, born in Waipau NZ, a teacher who was in Singapore for 90 days for work.

    There were lots of the tools of the spy trade on display, and biographies on some of the most notorious spies through the ages up to current times. There was also a special exhibit - "Exquisitely Evil: 50 Years of Bond Villians" which was very entertaining.

    We then headed back to the hotel and stopped in at "The Hamilton" for dinner. Once again, we had a big day, walking over 13,000 steps.
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  • Day5

    Waynesboro, VA

    November 3 in the United States

    On avait l’idée de se lever tôt pour profiter du fait qu’il y a moins de trafic les matins de WE. Donc, après notre café, on a quitté en direction du Shenandoah National Park pour rouler sur la Skyline Drive qui est supposé être une route superbe avec des points de vue tout le long de ses 169km...
    Sortir de la ville à été très facile et vu qu’il était quand même assez tôt on a choisi d’embarquer sur l’autoroute pour arriver plus vite au parc. Erreur... pas de trafic comme tel, mais une circulation vraiment dense et pas zen du tout.
    On fini par arriver au parc et il y a une ligne d’attente d’un kilomètre pour payer et entrer. On aurait dit que la moitié des habitants de DC avait choisi de venir voir les feuilles changer de couleur. On prend notre mal en patience et on a bien fait car aussitôt passé l’entrée, ça roulait bien et la route est vraiment à couper le souffle. La route suit carrément les sommets et c’est des points de vue à répétition.
    Il faisait un peu froid dans les montagnes (7C) mais ça valait vraiment la peine!
    On est maintenant dans un motel un peu miteux qui pue la cigarette mais la vie est belle!
    Demain, on entre sur la Blue Ridge Parkway... une autre route mythique!
    Petit vidéo à suivre éventuellement.
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  • Day6

    Roanoke, VA

    November 4 in the United States

    Départ tard ce matin vu qu’il y avait du gel au sol! -1C en allant chercher notre café ce matin. Beurk...
    Vers 11h on était prêt à partir et on s’est rendu rapidement au début du Blue Ridge Parkway. La journée a été incroyable! Des paysages à couper le souffle toute la journée, belle asphalte et soleil! La température variait entre 9C et 15C dépendant de l’altitude où on se trouvait. On s’est arrêtés à Roanoke pour la nuit.
    On a encore au moins deux jours de Blue Ridge Parkway devant nous... la vie est belle!
    PS: On a des petits problèmes pour ajouter les videos GoPro qu’on fait... on essaie de régler :)
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