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  • Day32

    #31 San Francisco 1

    October 15 in the United States

    We rented bikes to explore the city, essentially the Golden Gate Bridge!
    As you know SF has a lots of ups and downs, so we walked to the Fishermans Wharf where we got our bikes. From there it is an easy 10miles ride over the bridge an back.
    We also passed Lombard Street, Palace of Fine Arts and cruised around Presidio.

  • Day33

    #32 San Francisco / day 2

    October 16 in the United States

    We strolled through the up’s and down‘s of the city, relaxed in the sun at Dolores Park with a beautiful view over SF, shopped (not really 🤞) and explored: Mission District, Haight Ashbury and Castro, all by foot!
    So we did the best thing you can do in a city, just walk and let yourself drift...

  • Day34

    #33 Portland / home for the next 3 weeks

    October 17 in the United States

    After more than a month traveling I’m a bit happy to stay at one place for now!
    Friends living in Portland so i‘m enjoying time with them, organize private stuff, will plan my further trip, reading through Powel‘s bookstore and doing finally sport again!

  • Day5

    Now, where was I?

    October 17 in the United States

    Yesterday was packing and leaving the Paris to check in to the El Cortez, oldest casino in Vegas, and at the top of Fremont Street, the old strip. It is so completely different to where I have been, and I much prefer it. Weirdos everywhere, but I prefer that to the hoards of ordinary middle Americans on the other strip. And just by way of comparison, the Paris was USD300 a night, and the El Cortez is USD40 a night. I am here for 3 nights and it is splendid. The staff have been here from the 40s I reckon, and they are all characters (without trying to be).

    Gypsy and Jeanette checked in around 2, and so I went up to look at the Penthouse where they are staying and where the party will be. It is unbelievable. It was the home of Jack Gaughan and it had many famous visitors apparently. To be in the same room as Sinatra (allegedly) was a thrill in itself.

    So the party was brilliant, Gypsy had a great time, and just tried not to stare at all the beautiful people. All actors, show people etc. They courteously kept their drug taking in the bathrooms (there are 4 in the penthouse) and other than that everyone was well behaved. The dj was awesome too. Will post photos when 8 get some from other people. Finished up at around 4am (me, not them) and just had to go down 4 floors to go home. Perfect.
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  • Day1

    More first day photos

    October 13 in the United States

    Gypsy dropped me at my hotel, the Paris, and I am meeting up with them for the show tonight. I couldn’t check in until 4pm, so dropped my bags and went out for a late lunch (3pm) to Gordon Ramsey’s Burger Restaurant. Was delicious. Then back to check in, shower and blog. An hour to rest then get ready to meet the others at the show.

  • Day5

    Made it to Arches

    October 16 in the United States

    Today was our first day in Arches. It was about a three hour drive from Capitol Reef, through lots of very punishing territory. We stopped for breakfast at a breakfast diner type place that had John Wayne plastered on every available square inch on the wall.

    Once in Moab, we went straight to the park. The weather was beautiful, we are on a roll (though some rain is forecast for tomorrow). To take advantage, we went straight to the Delicate Arch trailhead. About a 3 mile roundtrip with some elevation up to the iconic arch that adorns Utah’s license plate. Joe got some more kudos from people at the top. No other people within a decade of him, I would wager. We felt lucky to be there, with the snow covered La Sal (?) mountains in the background. For the rest of the afternoon, we drove and stopped at various places with short walks to, you guessed it, more arches. With the bright blue sky in the background, everything was just beautiful.

    Doing laundry and thinking about dinner, but most of all thinking about how lucky we are to do this.

    PS. The sign at Arches said that discharging your firearm is illegal inside the park. Apparently bringing it in locked and loaded isn’t.
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  • Day8

    Two more days in Arches

    5 hours ago in the United States

    We have had two more days of hiking in Arches, yesterday cloudy but today a brilliant cobalt blue sky again. A couple of times, Joe read in the car while I added a more strenuous loop, and he says Christopher Browning’s “Dismantling Democracy 1933 vs. 2018” in the New York Review is a must-read. So he was not wasting time while sitting in a parking lot, even though once I could have sworn that I saw his eyes closed when I returned to the car.

    The park is crowded, lots of families, lots of retired couples, lots of international visitors. It is good to see how many people are up for taking a three hour walk with some elevation gain just to see a hole that erosion has made in a rock.

    Last night’s dinner has to set the record for the best customer service ever. We went to a very crowded and busy pizzaria with a real wood burning stove no less, and found that the two tables next to us had turned over twice and we still had not gotten our pizza. Joe had a big bowl of toscana soup which took some time, but even so, we were starting to wonder what was going on. The waitress came and apologized, saying that something had happened to our ticket. Then the head cook brought out the pizza and apologized again. We said we were fine, not a problem, we are on vacation. Then the manager came to apologize and we told him the same thing. About ten minutes later, the waitress told us that our pizzas were on the house because of the bad service, but that under Utah law we would have to pay for our glasses of wine. Fine, but really not necessary. Then ten minutes later, the owner of the restaurant came and told us he wanted to treat us to dessert. Never in all my days have I gotten such attention over a late pizza! Forma Antica is the name of the place, and in addition to the service, their pizza was excellent. And tasted good after our morning hike as well!

    Tomorrow, we’re out of Moab and on the way back!
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  • Day3

    Another day in Capitol Reef

    October 14 in the United States

    Our second day in Capitol Reef was another couple exhilarating hikes that gave ample opportunity to contemplate our total irrelevance to the grand scheme of the universe. First hike of the morning was to Hickman’s Bridge, not too far but with a fair amount of elevation. We were lucky to have left the trailhead early, because on the way down we ran into lots of people heading up to that arch.

    Back in the parking lot, Joe kindly agreed to let me go back up and take another spur, to a place called Rim Overlook. More elevation gain, and great views. At the top, I met a couple from northern Minnesota. The guy could not contain himself — looking over the vast expanse, he started in on how the hell could Trump think it is a good idea to open this land up to mining????!!!

    After lunch, more walking, this time through a canyon to a place below a rock called Cathedral Rock. The views are just incredible around every turn.

    There are some petroglyphs from ancient tribes named the Fremont people because they had no name of self-identification, apparently. Some petroglyphs, some remains of deerskin mocasins, waterproof reed baskets, but not much else. The drawings on the walls that we saw are from around 1000 AD, which was roaring Romanesque time in Spain!
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  • Day4

    Last Day in Capitol Reef

    October 15 in the United States

    We finished out our visit to Capitol Reef with a couple of hikes and a saunter. First thing in the morning, Joe and I hiked the Chimney Rock Loop. Good elevation, great views, both of the chimney rock and the canyon it borders. Then once again my cooperative husband stayed down in a parking lot at the Cassidy Arch trailhead, and I went up to a pretty awesome site. A bit of scrambling at the end, nothing technical, but just terrific views. And thanks to the encouragement of a couple from upstate New York, I dared to walk out on the top of the arch itself, and have pictures to prove it.

    For our last park visit, we walked a few miles around a place named Goosenecks, with views of yet another canyon, and its Sunset Point, with probably the most complex and prettiest view of the whole park — all sorts of geology and canyons, pine trees, snow covered mountains in the back, just beautiful.

    Since we had finished our walking by 4:15, I decided we would probably have time to make it to Bicknell, about 15 miles away, to a pharmacy to pick up some medication Joe left at home. It had taken a while to get our pharmacy in touch with the Wayne County Health Center Pharmacy, but luckily it all worked out. The people were great, and when I picked up the medicine, I asked the pharmacist about the center. Is it a public health center? Yes, he said, it serves people county-wide. How is it funded? By the state of Utah, he said. But, he said, it it NOT a government clinic. Oh well.

    Tip of the day. Though the air is so dry it will crack the inside of your nose, here is one bit of advice. Do not leave the hot shower on for a while to add moisture to your room, or the fire alarms will go on. OOPS!!!
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  • Day4

    Not sure what day it is!

    October 16 in the United States

    Running behind on the blog....but all is good here, I will catch up tomorrow (maybe).
    The party was really something else! Went for a big walk today to clear my head, a couple of hours sleep this afternoon and now out again!

    Just had an amazing japanese meal in an awesome little place round the corner from my hotel, and now off to meet Jeanette to see the Cirque de Solei show at the MGM Grand. All go go go, and haven’t paid for a ticket to anything yet.

    Will try and catch up soon, here is a couple of photos for now.
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