Vatican City
Saint Peter's Square

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  • Day2

    1. Tag in Rom

    June 3 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    Nach einem kurzen Power Nap nach dem Mittag ging unsere Tour weiter. Mit der U-Bahn ging es zur Villa Borghese, einem kleinem Park mit Teich. Anschließend sind wir immer entlang des Tibers zum Besten Tiramisu Roms gelaufen. Von da aus noch ein kleiner Abstecher zum Petersdom und zur Engelsburg. Jetzt lassen wir den Tag entspannt bei einem Aperol ausklingen. Schrittzäher stand aktuell: 25000 Schritte🫠Read more

    Simone Schneider

    Das sieht aber lecker aus….genießt eure Zeit

    Victoria Schambier

    Sch😍😍😍😍n..... viel Spaß. Habt ihr euch verdient!

  • Day4

    Fortsetzung der Erkundungstour in Rom

    April 5 in Vatican City ⋅ ☀️ 17 °C

    Heutiges Ziel war der Vatikan! Mit einem tollen Guide haben wir uns den beeindruckenden Petersdom angeschaut und waren fasziniert von ihm ✨ Ein krönender Abschluss war dann der Ausblick von der Kuppel auf den Platz und weite Teile Roms 😊 Der Auf-/Abstieg mit seinen sehr schmalen Treppen und engen Passagen werden wir nicht so schnell vergessen 😄 Nach einer leckeren Pizza 🍕 im warmen Sonnenschein besuchten wir den Neptunbrunnen und nochmals den Trevi Brunnen mit einem erfrischenden Eis 🍦 . Natürlich wurde eine Münze in ihn geworfen. Mal schauen, wann ich wieder nach Rom zurückkehre, denn heute war bereits der letzte Tag auf meiner Reise dort 🚙Read more

    Marion Hirsch

    Die Bilder sind richtig toll😘

    Tessa Hirsch

    Vielen lieben Dank 🥰

  • Day41

    The Vatican and Castel Sant'Angelo

    August 3 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 32 °C

    Today was our second tour in Rome, the Vatican. We had booked it for noon so we could sleep in a bit and still have time to walk there. This time I did turn my watch on to GPS track the day.

    The tour was good. The guide shared a lot of information and it was very informative so that was cool. We saw a lot of statues, did the Rafael rooms, and ended with the Sistine Chapel. Then we stopped for a late lunch and went to stand in line for St. Peter's Basilica. The line went really quick, it was really just a matter of going through security again. I kept beeping going through the detector, removing more and more items. I was worried I was going be be asked to go through in my underwear but luckily the guy just got tired and let me through.

    The Basilica is amazing and the kids were pretty taken aback. Dylan was geeking out a bit that he was feet away from the burial place of an apostle.

    We looked at all we could see and just spent some time in there until eventually it was time to go.

    We had to stop at a souvenir shop that we had passed on the way in earlier that morning so Liam could get a shirt, but then we were off to Castel Sant'Angelo. This was a building I always wanted to see but somehow missed when Jenny and I were here last time. So it was on my bucket list. We saw the fortress, walked the Ponte Sant'Angelo and then we made our way back home. Again, it was hot and our feet were hurting so we made a stop at a mini market, got some food and pop and headed up to our place where we have been ever since. We talked about going out again but we decided to just turn in early and try to get an early start tomorrow, before the relentless heat saps our strength. Our last say in Rome and the last day of our Epic Adventure. What do you do for your last day? We are open to suggestions. 😉
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    Kim Schmidt

    Wonder who cleans and dusts that place! 🤔

    Justin Mooney

    uh.... it's a church. God does.

    Jen Mooney

    🙄 kind of like the magic fairy that cleans our house?

    Justin Mooney

    I don't believe in faries. And God has better things to do. It is a lovely Angel that cleans our house...😉

  • Day123

    Last day in Rome

    July 22 in Vatican City ⋅ ☀️ 95 °F

    Miles: 4.01 Steps: 9272
    Flights stairs: 32

    Today was our last day in Rome. Moving on in the morning. The last thing we had yet to see was St Peter’s Square & Basilica. We’ve seen a few basilicas now and I’d agree that this one is the largest so far. It’s claim to fame is it’s the largest in the world.

    We were able to hike up to the top of the dome finally. We didn’t get tickets early enough in Florence, so we’re glad to see we could do it here. It was really high and walking the stairs was weird being right next to the curved walls. Was 551 steps to the top … crazy, but fun even in 103° heat!
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    Josh Burdette

    oh snap yeah I was going to ask how the heats been there. glad to hear you're still getting on even in it

    Christie Mitchell

    It really didn’t get hit till Rome. They say it “should be” high of like 76 right now. Been in the low 100’s! Just 25° above average! Not going to lie - it’s been rough to really enjoy things when you’re whole body is literally dripping in sweat. But we’re trying! Hopefully Naples will be cooler - closer to the sea.

  • Day4


    July 19 in Vatican City ⋅ ☀️ 31 °C

    Heute ging es zum kleinsten anerkannten Staat der Welt, zum Vatikan🇻🇦. Zu Fuss machten wir uns auf, einmal quer durch die Stadt mit Halt am Pantheon, einer Kirche mit einer riesigen Kuppel.

    Bei extremer Hitze erreichten wir den Vatikan. Der Blick auf den Petersdom war atemberaubend. Zuerst ging es in die vatikanischen Museen mit Sixtinischer Kapelle. Wunderschöne Ausstellungstücke aber schlichtweg einfach viel zu viele Menschen. Wir wurden wie auf den Weihnachtsmarkt furch die Ausstellungen gedrückt und konnten es daher leider nicht wirklich genießen.

    Danach stellten wir uns beim Petersdom in die Reihe, diese war nicht wirklich lang und wir waren schnell drin in diesem prachtvollen Gebäude.
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  • Day108

    Rendez vous au Forum de Rome

    June 23 in Vatican City ⋅ ☁️ 31 °C

    Ensuite, nous remontons dans le village de Anguillara, situé à quelques kilomètres de Rome. Ce petit village, dans lequel nous passons 2 nuits, est situé au bord d’un grand lac que l’on apprécie pour s’y rafraîchir !
    Et le petit plus de notre Air B&B à Anguillara c’est le jacuzzi hihi !

    🏺 Nous passons la journée du 23/06 dans la capitale italienne très riche en monuments : on passe à côté du Colisée, du forum romain, du Panthéon, de la fontaine de Trevi et bien d’autres encore, nombre de kilomètres total de la journée : 23km 🏆

    😥 Et c'est au tour de Guillaume de nous quitter après cette escapade romaine.
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    Valerie Falletti

    Un retour rapide au bercail pour Guillaume 😉

    Thomas Grill

    Il repart pour de nouvelles aventures 😌

  • Day11

    Rom Tag 2

    September 17, 2021 in Vatican City ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    Heute war ich im nördlicheren Teil der Altstadt Roms unterwegs. Dort ist neben der Engelsburg, dem Pantheon und sämtlichen interessanten Kirchen und Gebäuden auch der Tiber und dahinter dann die Vatikanstadt. Dort war ich heute im Museum und in der Sixtinischen Kapelle. Danach dann noch am Trevi Brunnen und ein paar schönen Gassen. Eine Caravaggio Malerei in einer kleinen Kirche gabs sogar noch kostenlos drauf zu sehen.Read more

    ROM!!! Super Stadt - das machen wir nochmals gemeinsam. Steht noch seit der Latein Eins an 😉 [ICHI]

    sefin ICHImama

    Kati du bist ja so fleißig unterwegs - machs weiter gut

    Resi Weigl

    Bist du guat 👍👍 auch noch schönes Wetter, vier Spaß noch

  • Day16

    Vaticano y Capilla Sixtina 1

    July 29 in Vatican City ⋅ ☀️ 32 °C

    Patio octogonal, musa de la poesía, decoraciones trampalojo, artemicia, tapices - el más importante representa la elección del Papa, Maia de Italia donde ves el lago de ginevra, entrada a la capilla Sixtina (no fotos dentro), rampa en caracol 🐌 para salirRead more

    Fof Kuf

    la encontraron!!!

    Veronica Heuer

    Jiji. Pasamos por dentro con el guía

  • Day121

    Vatican City & Rome

    July 20 in Vatican City ⋅ ☀️ 93 °F

    Miles: 8.4 Steps: 19927
    Flights stairs: 20

    We got up early and headed to the Vatican Museum to see the Sistine Chapel. It’s been a must see for awhile. The series of Museums is overwhelming - reminded me of the Louve. Just too much to see there. It was an amazing complex tho, and to finally see the ceiling in the chapel was incredible. I actually shot one video before I found out it was not allowed - so not too many pics, but still amazing.

    After hours wandering the museums we headed back to our room to cool down (surprised the museum was not air conditioned, actually) and take a rest. We went back out later hoping it would cool down some for our visit to the Roman Forum and Palentine Hill, but not so lucky. The heat here is definitely taking away from our experience - at times you just want to get thru things as fast as possible just to get back to the coolness.

    The heatwave here is real - we read today that 1900 people have died in Europe from the heat. Mostly Portugal, France, UK and Spain as they don’t really have any air conditioning. And I’m really glad we had already gotten thru those places because very true, we had no air conditioning there and even at reasonable temps it was pretty unbearable in our rooms. Scary situation. If we didn’t have air here in Rome. I don’t know what we’d be doing.

    Seeing the ruins was really amazing - so odd to wander around and know you’re seeing things over 2000 years old.
    Read more

    Donna McGovert

    Wow!! Unbelievable!! Such ornate detail!

    Donna McGovert

    Glad you were dressed appropriately. When we were there at the Vatican 39 years ago, we didn’t know there was a dress code, so I couldn’t go in(think I was wearing shorts)😬🙄 Had to wait outside while Rich tan in and took a quick look around😩

    Christie Mitchell

    Actually, we had read all about it and we’re prepared with pants in a backpack, but I wore shorts in. Not short shorts mind you, but shorts. I had a sleeveless top as well, but did have a scarf I threw over. Tho once we got in there we’re even tour guides in sleeveless blouses. 🤷 They certainly didn’t seem very strict about it all.

  • Day16

    To Rome for Everything (Cervantes)

    June 17 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 88 °F

    Rome- a city of 2.8 million people does have a bit of everything. History is all around you-not just in the Colosseum and Forum but in every neighborhood you visit. Art and food and fashion are also here. The Vatican Museum, National Museum and Borghese Gallery are best known but there are many others. We have not had time or energy to visit them all. There are crowds here everywhere you visit and on the metro and side walks. You need a gladiator spirit to navigate the Vatican Museum. We viewed the Sistine Chapel Cieling as sardines packed into a can. Yet, we feel so very privileged to be here and to share in these places that hold so much meaning for people from all around the world. 🕊🌎

    Interestingly - it is here in Rome that we have seen the most mask wearing. Perhaps 90% of those on the metro.

    Here are few photos from our first day. We covered over 10 miles- only 1 gelato stop. At this pace, we’ll be ready for the marathon in December🏃‍♀️💕
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    Arlynna Livingston

    Looks like a beautiful day in Rome! What a great job navigating throngs to be present in the past and taking pictures to prove it! We so appreciate your sharing your journey with us. I was completely blown away by the marble in Italy! Every imaginable color and naturally occurring patterns. Do you think you can keep this pace up for 7 weeks? The marathon will be a cakewalk! Missing you two. Sending love, Ama and Papa💋💋

    Monique Weisman

    Incredible how much you've already covered. Your photos give us a nice window into your experience. At least the kind of stimulatiing exhaustion you feel from travel can also be fulfilling and renewing. You both look quite happy for it. It's great to hear that the throngs are masked!

    Jacob McFarlane


    Jacob McFarlane

    Lovely pics! I’m sure Kai is enjoying the history but that pasta looks like the highlight to me 🍝


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