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  • Day108

    Nha Trang

    September 19 in Vietnam

    Getting a haircut with a Marine who couldn't stand his hair being so long. He got a high fade. I got a mohawk. The shop also has beer and UFC on TV. Loving Vietnam even more now.

    So long [for now] and thanks for all the fish. ✌️

  • Day4

    Nha Trang

    October 26, 2017 in Vietnam

    Leider mussten wir die gesamte Strecke von 134km durch strömenden Regen Fahren und waren somit schon nach wenigen Kilometern pitsche patsche Nass. Trotzdem konnten wir die Fahrt durch die wunderschöne Natur genießen. 🌳🌴

  • Day85

    Nha Trang, Vietnam

    June 16, 2015 in Vietnam

    Wij gaan naar DE badplaats van Vietnam. Wat ons opvalt is de grote stroom aan Russische toeristen. Misschien een beetje te vergelijken met de Nederlanders die elk jaar naar de Spaanse Costa's gaan. Gelukkig zijn ze niet allemaal zo slecht als dat ze in Amerikaanse films doen voorkomen, al zien ze er wel zo uit en heeft de stad een fijne sfeer. De locals zijn hier helemaal ingespeeld op de Russen.. want ze spreken beter Russisch dan Engels en we moeten ons best doen om een Engels - Vietnamese kaart te vinden ipv een Russische - Vietnamese kaart. Als echte strandtoerist rijden we met onze brommer een langs de boulevard en bezoeken wij wat locale highlights. Maar verder blijven wij zoveel mogelijk in de chillmodus. Helaas moeten wij bekennen dat wij mee hebben gedaan met het uitbuiten van de Vietnamese mensen. Wij dachten... we nemen een lekkere massage, we vinden een tentje en gaan naar binnen. Toen we eenmaal op de massage tafel lagen, leek het wel een werkkamp voor blinde mensen. Er stonden drie blinde mensen de hele dag mensen te masseren, zonder dat ze wisten hoe het moest. Het leek eerder een soort atractiepark in plaats van een massage salon, omdat het in arme landen populair is om je door blinde mensen te laten masseren ( dit was ook al zo in Midden Amerika ) en het zijn natuulijk groedkope arbeidskrachten.Read more

  • Day8

    finally cable car to island

    March 20, 2017 in Vietnam

    after breakfast we had the crazy idea to stroll to the cable car - I really enjoyed the walk although it was like 33 degree and sweated, it was again a different type of street. After an hour we finally decided to go by Taxi and found out it was still 2km ride :)

    the island- a mixture of Disney and beach resort was a wonderful experience

    swim in the ocean
    water music
    some carusell
    nice 4D cinema
    and the most impressive thing- riding the cable car

    After sunset and hanging around the island we came back an did have our dinner next to the hotel

    first time I saw a stitched picture vernisage. very impressed

    bed early as next day city and beach tour
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  • Day9

    city Tour Nha Tran

    March 21, 2017 in Vietnam

    today we skipped the sun - as I had still a bit of a red skin :] and went instead to the city. As walking were already the exercise we took the 4h tour with a cyclist. this was the best decision as I could take pictures while driving and enjoy the fresh wind.

    we saw a lot of temple and stopped by a carpet production. quick beach by return to watch the waves and get some coconut milk.

    dinner at the same restaurant as our first choice was crowded .

    After dinner strawl to the night market - first time I had ice rolls. banana - very tasty.

    tomorrow - beach, checkout, meet with the German guys from cu chi and take the night train to Da Nang
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  • Day32

    Day 32 - Frogger

    March 11, 2017 in Vietnam

    We woke up and decided we should attempt to do something vaguely cultural today before getting on the loungers, though only after breakfast. We went to a cafe called Iced Coffee i.e. Matt's dream location. I had a Vietnamese hotdog. I'm not exactly sure what made it Vietnamese, it was still just a frankfurter in a bun just with a bit of chilli sauce. We attempted to find the bus which would take us to Po Nagar Cham Towers. After about 30 minutes of walking around in the 'too-hot-for-pasty-northerners' heat we gave in and got a taxi.

    The towers were built in the 8th century by the Cham people in dedication to a Goddess. They were restored in the 1990s as they'd gone pretty much to ruin. I'm not sure the visit was quite worth it but I think we would have felt bad if we spent the whole day on the beach. The photos of the site in the 30s compared to now were the most interesting part. And we did get to wear foxy grey cover jackets to hide our shoulders and knees.

    We taxi'd back and then spent the rest of the afternoon on the beach. I drank coconut water from a fresh coconut and finished watching The Crown whilst Matt went back into the waves. The most amusing part was watching the people who take payment for the sun loungers getting super strict, especially at the end of the day when people were trying to negotiate the price. The sun lounger men always won and even double handed shoo'd a couple of women who tried perching on one. Twice today people have also thought we were Russian and given us Russian drinks menus or tried to talk to us in Russian.

    After some stressful road crossing (I will be so happy to be back to the zebra crossing and green men of UK roads) we went for dinner at a delicious Indian restaurant called Ganesh. Emergency red wine was called for to recover from the roads - its like playing real life Frogger. Then it was time for another sleeper train. I like that at Nha Trang station there's no clever arrival board, just a screen where they can link a computer to and display a word document telling you the expected time (see photos). We spent our time at the station praying for a better experience than last time and overall it was, though poor Matt couldn't really sleep anyway. Our bunk mates were quiet and respectful and the cabin was clean-ish. Though the horrible shiny gold blankets which made you sweaty and slid on the floor were less pleasant. We arrived at 5am to hit the hotel for a bit more sleep. That's it for trains now and almost it for Vietnam. Just Ho Chi Minh left to go.
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  • Day327

    Da lat and Nha trang

    February 20 in Vietnam

    I have combined two places we visited next for reasons that will become clear. We decided to go to Da Lat mainly to do a 'secret tour' we had read about. We wanted to do this tour on Chinese New Years Day so decided to email beforehand to check that would be okay. 'Yes, no bother' was the reply. However when we got there we were told of course the tour would not be running as everything shuts down for New Years! So basically we had a day in Da Lat drinking coffee and visiting the only attraction that was open which was the flower gardens.
    We moved on the next day, it was then that we realised that Chinese New Year does not last for one day, but 10 days! And during this time most tourist attractions shut down, the rest are double the price. Buses were packed and so expensive! We visited Nha Trang next, a popular beach resort. Again, everything we tried to do was closed, and it rained so the beach was a no go. We managed to visit some mud baths which passed the time.
    So by the end of this week we were pretty fed up with Chinese New Year and there was still another 3 days to go!
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  • Day52

    Storms over Vietnam

    November 3, 2016 in Vietnam

    Travel day today. There isn't an awful lot to say. 12 hours of it, give or take, were spent on a train.

    Travelling from Hoi An to Danang by taxi, we made it to the train station with plenty of time to spare. The waiting hall was full of soldiers, maybe a company or two. Collecting any group of Vietnamese men of that size, meant only one thing, card games. The waiting hall was more a gambling den, full of extremely animated soldiers, than it was a waiting hall. The trains were the only thing giving it away.

    Having boarded the train, the sights out the window began to repeat themselves quite quickly, especially because so much of the countryside was covered in a few metres of muddy brown water, as a result of the heavy rain that the country has had over the past few weeks. That's not to say that there weren't some sights though.

    There were cemeteries where the flood waters were lapping at the foot of graves. There were forests of fruit trees, with flood waters staining their lower branches. And there were plenty if water buffalo wallowing in the great brown river that had temporarily invaded their paddy fields.

    Having seen more than enough Vietnamese train food pass us by on previous train trips, we decided that today would be the time to give it a go. There is nothing particularly fancy about the train breakfast/lunch/dinner, but it is something that the locals quite enjoy. It's pretty inexpensive by European standards too. And so we shared a meal of barbequed chicken pieces, tofu, sauteed cabbage and rice. It was quite delicious, and though it was served out of the most ratty looking catering gear, we both are yet to feel any gastro-intestinal issues. This is always a good thing.

    Arriving into Nha Trang about 12 hours after leaving Danang, we ran the gauntlet of taxi drivers touting for business, got ourselves into the cab that we wanted, and headed to our hotel. After a quick check-in, it was time to head out for some dinner, at a local Indian restaurant. After a lot of Vietnamese it was time to for something slightly different.

    First impressions of Nha Trang - it's a run down, budget version of Surfers' Paradise. with a large number of Russian visitors, judging by all the signage in cyrillic.

    More news on Nha Trang to come.
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  • Day112


    December 25, 2015 in Vietnam

    Wishing everyone a very merry christmas from Nha Trang.

    Its hard to feel festive when you're away from family and friends..oh and it's 30 degrees outside! We're making the most of it and enjoying some luxury rest and relaxation. We also happened to win a massage in the prize draw, which was a lovely treat!

  • Day5

    Nha Trang

    July 9, 2016 in Vietnam

    From Ho Chi Minh City we took an airplane and arrived at the nearest airport of Nha Trang around 25 km in the outback. The city is a beach town with all the tourists who like to stay at the beach for two weeks and fly back home. So not many sightseeing here only the old cham towers and the long son pagode are quite nice.

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