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  • Day155

    Mit dem Motorrad durch den Vietnam

    November 6, 2018 in Vietnam ⋅ ⛅ 32 °C

    Now it is time to start our motorbike tour through the Vietnam. The plan is to go from Ho-Chi-Minh to Hanoi and if we have the time even up the Chinese Border to see the rice terraces of Sapa. We left our big bags in Ho-Chi-Minh at Kath & Joes (these guys we met in Mongolia on our desert tour) House and rented a motorbike for one month.
    The first must see of our tour is the Mekong Delta around 80km south of HCMC. The ride was a crazy with lots of traffic and a lot of dirt & dust. Nevertheless the first views on the river were amazing. Here we will stay for two nights and this will be the most southern point of our trip in Vietnam.

    Jetzt geht sie los unsere große Mogtorradtour von Ho-Chi-Minh im Süden Vietnams bis nach Hanoi im Norden. Am Ende werden es wahrscheinlich ca. 3000km sein die wir auf dem Motorrad zurück legen müssen. Zum Glück wohnen Kath & Joe (unsere Tour-Kamaraden aus der Wüste Gobi) noch in Ho-Chi-Minh, sodass wir die großen Rucksäcke bis zum Ende unserer Tour dort lassen können und eine gratis Übernachtung mit Blick auf die Skyline gab es bei den beiden gestern Nacht auch noch.
    Die erste Etappe führte uns erst einmal quer durch die Stadt und über überfüllte Highways in den Süden zum Mekong Delta. Die Fahrt dorthin war wirklich nicht schön zumal der Verkehr teilweise verrückt ist, aber jetzt wo wir mitten in der Natur sind hat es sich doch gelohnt. Hier bleiben wir zunächst einmal zwei Nächte bevor es dann Richtung Norden geht.
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  • Day156

    Irgendwo im Mekong Delta

    November 7, 2018 in Vietnam ⋅ 🌧 25 °C

    By bike and boat we explored the Mekong. Unfortunately this river is one of the dirtiest rivers I have ever seen. The Vietnamese people just throwing all rubbish in there, so it is not really nice. Nevertheless we took a boat and we had some fresh Grapefruits and Coconuts.

    Mit dem Motorrad und per Boot haben wir heute das Mekong Delta unsicher gemacht. Leider ist uns dabei erst so richtig der ganze Müll aufgefallen, der im Fluss schwimmt. Die Einheimischen entsorgen einfach jeglichen Müll im Fluss und so ist es sehr schade, denn es könnte hier sicherlich ganz schön sein.
    Trotzdem haben wir das beste daraus gemacht und haben ein paar frische Kokosnüsse und Grapefruits gegessen. Es war wirklich sehr lecker. Heute Abend kochen wir dann noch zusammen mit der Familie hier unser Abendessen. Wir sind gespannt :)
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  • Day41

    Mekong river

    January 16, 2015 in Vietnam

    My Tho varosaban hajora szalltunk, hogy atkeljunk a Mekongon es kikossunk egy szigeten. A kirandulas celja a mekong deltaban elo lakossag eletenek megismerese volt. Ehhez kepzeljuk el a höseget es hogy nem mozog a levego. Az egesz kirandulas poccre meg volt tervezve, eloszor vietnami enekeket hallgattunk teazas kozben, majd evezos csonakokba ultunk es a folyo szuk agan csonakaztunk, utana mezet kostoltunk. Nyilvan minden megallonal el akartak nekunk adni a fel vilagot. A mezkostolas utan jott egy kissrac az anakondajaval es a bator jelentkezoknek a nyakaba adta. Hat en utalom a kigyokat, felek is toluk, ugyhogy ez egy soha vissza nem tero alkalom volt, amit nem hagyhattam ki :))) csuda jo kepek szulettek rolam es az undorrol ami az arcomra kiult.
    Ez utan atslattyogtunk egy masik bungalloba, ahol valami kokuszsuti keszitesi folyamatot lehetett megismerni es persze jol bevasarolni belole. Na hat en ekkora mar nem voltam jol, szedultem es a gyomrom is rendetlenkedett. (Eleg a sztorihoz annyi h a tegnapi vacsi utan elmaradt a whiskey. Hiba volt!)
    Tomi probalt eletben tartani vizzel es oreo keksszel.
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  • Day40

    Noch mehr Mekong Delta

    September 21, 2018 in Vietnam ⋅ 🌧 25 °C

    Morgens in den local Bus nach Ben Tre gehüpft. Dort angekommen im schönen Farmstay direkt die nächste Tour gebucht. Alleine wäre die sehr teuer geworden. Glücklicherweise war in dem Schlafsaal noch jemand, ein älterer Herr Namens Ed.
    Die Tour ging mit dem Boot zu einer Ziegelstein Fabrik, einer Coconut Candy Fabrik und dann haben wir uns noch angeschaut wie strohmatten mit Hand gemacht werden. Mit dem Fahrrad ging es dann zurück zum Farmstay.Read more

  • Day40

    Leckeres Essen im Mekong Delta

    September 21, 2018 in Vietnam ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    Abends ging es zum Nachtmarkt und Street Food Essen.
    Ed und Ich haben Oktopus, Vietnamese "Snail" (waren Muscheln) und ncoh andere Muscheln sowie fried NNoodles mit noch mehr Seafood bestellt.
    So so lecker! Direkt an der Straße auf dem Grill zubereitet.

  • Day5

    lunch in the dschungel

    March 17, 2017 in Vietnam

    After the boat ride we had a climpse into a palm tree factory and had a walk through the dschungel to have lunch at a private property. The fish they called elephant ear - of course my guide was kidding around - as I though they kill elephant and really serve their ears. happy it was a fish in the end.

    Now tuctuc to ride back
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  • Day55

    Ben Tre

    April 11, 2018 in Vietnam

    Our last excursion of the cruise was to the island of Ben Tre, which is one of the largest islands in the Mekong Delta in Vietnam. Almost a million people live on the island, which is located relatively close to Saigon. Of course, we only visited the very tip of the island, and saw two very curated sites.

    Our first stop was a shop where they made coconut candy, which is a traditional sweet in Vietnam. Everything is done by hand. First, the coconuts are split, by hand. Then, the coconut meat is separated, by hand. Then the meat and coconut milk are cooked, by hand. The result is a sticky toffee, which is pulled by hand, cut by hand, and wrapped, by hand. Yep, every stage in the process is done by hand. The cost to purchase a bag of 40 pieces — $1.25 USD. Watching the process was pretty interesting.

    After we watched the candy making demonstration, we were also given a chance to taste some local spirits — coconut (meh), banana (ok) and snake whiskey (tasted like moonshine, but snake in bottle was huge). And, we were serenaded by three men playing traditional Vietnamese instruments. I can’t say that I particularly liked the music, but seeing the instruments being played was pretty cool.

    We then walked through the jungle and got onto horse carts — another new form of transportation. The carts carried us about 15 minutes up the road, where we disembarked, walked down to a canal, and got onto sampans. Although all of the sampans now have motors, each of our boats had someone rowing with a long wooden paddle, which was operated by a villager who stood up (similar to the way that a gondola is rowed). We spent about 20 minutes going through a palm forest. The ride was just beautiful — quiet, shaded, and gorgeous. But, I couldn’t help think about what it must have been like for American soldiers to move through these forests. (After we got out, I spoke with a couple of my fellow passengers — one Canadian and one Aussie — and apparently I wasn’t alone in thinking about this as we were rowed through the canal.) The jungle is incredibly dense. There are shadows everywhere. It would have been incredibly easy for someone familiar with the land to plan an ambush. It must have been totally terrifying for the soldiers. And, I can’t imagine how anyone might have thought that soldiers who were unfamiliar with the area could possibly win a sustained battle.
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  • Day10

    Ben Tre

    March 25, 2018 in Vietnam

    When we woke up we did not have a clue where our next destination was going to to be but didn't think it was time to go back up northwards to HCMC so we asked our hotel owner and he suggested Ben Tre, which is where we had also read about. So we went to the bus station and bought a ticket. We thought it was quite expensive at the time of buying but the lady insisted on its price so we paid and then waited for the bus. After getting on the bus and speaking to a local Vietnamese we found out that we had been scammed. She tried arguing with the bus driver for us but we were told we would have to go back to the lady who sold us the ticket, but that the had to leave now so couldn't let us off. We were pretty annoyed as if you can't even trust the actual bus station for selling you the correct ticket then who can you trust! Ah well its all part of the adventure I suppose! And that wasn't the end of our adventures! Once we got to the bus station in Ben Tre we realised the hotel we booked was miles out of town... next mini adventure - how the bloody hell do we get there. We looked for a taxi and it was pretty expensive, luckily the Vietnamese lady we befriended came to our rescue again. She happened to live in the direction of our hotel and said we could catch the same bus. She checked with the bus man and everything was good... Phew! What we thought was going to be a simple 2 hour bus from Can Tho to Ben Tre turned out to be a 5 hour ride on 2 buses! I suppose it could have been worse but we were starving when we arrived at the hotel! The one time I really wish we were back at the homestay in Họ Chi Minh City and the lovely mum would take pity and cook us a big dinner! By the time we went out for dinner it was dark and this little village had barely anything open, so we just went to a tiny little stall and the noodle soup was soo tasty and unlike the others we've had. This one had quite a thick meaty gravy with Pork and other questionable meats. Most of the time the meat you are eating is unknown... On our way back to the hotel a lot of the locals invited us to drink with them at first we said no but then some mechanics convinced us to join. It was great fun, it's amazing how much you can discuss with broken Vietnamese, broken English and gesturing! We told them about our travels so far and where we are thinking of heading next. They even offered to rent their personal scooters to us for half price of our hotel but they didn't have automatic ones so we kindly declined. They were so lovely.

    The next day we hired a scooter and went to Phung Island aka Phoenix Island well known for their Coconut Candy Factory. To get to the island we had to hire a boat. And here the adventures begin for the day... So we got to the pier and we were told it would cost 50,000 Đồng each. We knew this was a scam but we said we would pay half now and then we could see how much others paid after. So we got to the island which was nice and we wandered around, tried some coconut candy which actually tasted like peanuts, we cycled around the edge of the island and then got back on our boat to return. A few locals also got on with us and we asked them how much they paid and they confirmed it should only be 20,000 đồng each. Our pilot was yelling at the locals as she realised we knew she had scammed us. When we got off the boat she went ballistic. A Vietnamese girl was trying to help but gave up after a while so we just walked to our scooter to get out of the situation. To be honest we knew we were right as even the security guards didn't get involved. She followed us and stood next to the scooter to stop us going. To be honest in most situations we would just pay to get out of it but after being scammed yesterday as well we were getting a bit tired of it so we put the key in the bike and began turning it to move it out the way. She then sat on it and took our key. We shouted robber at her and to be honest the next bit was a bit of a blur but Will tried grabbing the key back and the lady tried pushing him off. (This lady was tiny so she knew she could never win this situation). She threw the key into a tiny cafe, Will leapt for his life onto a tiny chair, slipped and ended up toppling over another scooter. The lady ran off as she thought she'd hurt him and the cafe lady couldn't stop laughing at the whole situation. Honestly I wish I had filmed it! Luckily no one was hurt so in the end we could all just laugh about it. We quickly jumped on our scooter and cycled off!! We went to see another coconut factory on the mainland and also sat there for a while to calm down!! In the afternoon we just rode around the mainland and headed to the main town late afternoon where we heard they have a good night market. When we parked up we checked our lights and annoyingly they were barely working and cut out the bike so we had a coffee, did some Vietnamese and headed back to our village before dark. For dinner we tried Bún riêu and summer rolls and it was yummy! Then we headed to the mechanics shop again for our agreed beer session. Yesterday they wouldn't let us buy a single beer so this time we came with our personalised Heineken bottles as gifts. They loved them! We told them all about the fiasco from earlier and they were so nice and told us a lot of Vietnamese assume that all Westerners are rich and so scam them out of a lot of money. They told us to always threaten to get the police and they will generally go away. Anyway we were able to have a good laugh and it was a nice end to our stay in Ben Tre.

    The next morning we decided to book a homestay about an hour away as we heard the owner was lovely and spoke English, so we wanted to use the time to get some advice on things to do in the area and also practise our Vietnamese. We stayed there two nights and finally got to go shopping at the local market and cook our own fresh food. We even cooked for Tri on the second night. Tri was so lovely he was always checking to see if he could help, in the evening he taught us some Vietnamese and told us all about his life and how he remembers the war etc

    Today is Thursday 29th March and we decided to move on to Vung Tau which is a small beach town with a couple of hills at the south of Vietnam. Tri took us all the way to the Bus station (about 30 min ride by scooter) so he could make sure we get the right bus and aren't scammed! So off to Vung Tau we go!
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  • Day37


    October 27, 2015 in Vietnam

    Hier werden Krokodiele gezüchtet und sind ausgestopft oder als Handtasche zu kaufen, 😳🙈
    dürfte bei der Einreise at home zu Schwierigkeiten führen.
    Wir beschränkem uns auf handgemachte Bonbons und probieren allerlei frisches Obst und probieren Schnaps.
    In den Gläserns befindet sich Schnaps mit Schlangen, Skorpionen, ........Read more

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