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  • Day78

    Sailing at Shaproder

    September 12, 2016 in Germany ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

    11 weeks into our journey and today was the first opportunity we had to go sailing! We went to the sail hire caravan on site and hired a Jolle boat called Kuno for the day. Taking it out for a test sail we found it very stable and the wind consistent. The section of sea we were on had land in almost all directions so waves were minimal and heading cross-offshore with the wind.

    Having explored Hiddensee Island on foot the previous day, we set a course towards the furthest point south that we had reached, knowing there was a small beach where we could anchor and access the land. 3.5 miles later we arrived on the island at the correct place thanks to Will's phone and after securing the boat, we waded ashore and ate our packed lunch.

    Whilst we could have spent more time on the island, we knew the return journey would be upwind and so slower and more difficult, so we set off back and had a great time ploughing through the oncoming waves that splashed up on deck.

    We managed to tack back to near the mooring without difficulty but the shallow beach proved a little tricky, as when Vicky finally managed to loosen the rudder so it didn't catch on the sand, it popped up and took away the ability to steer, leaving us being blown in the direction of a rock! We managed to avoid being 'dashed on the rock' and a second attempt to moor was far more successful.

    After a short comfort break we set off again to push the boat to its limits, with both of us in the footstraps and leaning over the side as we sped along the water.

    We had great fun and were so glad we got the opportunity to sail. We've bookmarked the site for a return visit when we are in the area again!
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