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  • Day112

    Auf Wiedersehen Deutschland! Where next?

    October 16, 2016 in Germany ⋅ 🌫 8 °C

    Today is the end of our 3 month tour of Germany.

    We have enjoyed ourselves immensely and were beginning to feel at home in the country.

    Perhaps Germany isn't the first place to spring to mind when you plan a European tour but we feel it has been the best country to start off in. There are over 6000 stopovers, many of them free and we haven't had to worry about access to water or emptying facilities. There is frequently parking provision specifically for motorhomes in car parks and there are plenty of places to stay outside of official sites. Will knows enough German to get by well and this has made things a whole lot easier. The roads are great (apart from the relatively frequent 'umleitungs' diverting you around road repair work!) Provision for bicycles is second to none and we've loved being able to access city centres along well maintained riverside cycle tracks.

    The only major stumbling block has been internet access. Few places offer free wifi and the Three data Sim doesn't function in Germany. To get a local Sim you need to register it with your passport and German address. We've tried a few and perhaps it is down to our inexperience but topping up has been difficult and so we've made do with roaming a few days a week on Vicky's phone which doesn't always have enough signal.

    Germany is a huge country and so has a wealth of experiences to offer. We've done a lot of kilometers but we've by no means exhausted the opportunities for exploration. From the islands, white sands and lakes of the North East, to the wine making corridors, romantic road and chocolate box towns of the midlands, down to the exhilarating Alpine experiences and tree clad hillsides of the south. Not to mention the stunning city sights, brilliant beer and interesting culture.

    Vicky's favorite places have been Rügen Island and the Black Forest while Will's highlight has been Oktoberfest in Münich.

    We feel we've been spoiled in Germany because it has been so easy to live in the van here. We've got adventures aplenty to look forward to but the coming winter and countries with less provision for vans are likely to lead to a more difficult everyday existence than we have had here.

    In the coming 12 months we plan to visit the following:

    Liechtenstein (1 night), Austria (about 10 nights), Italy and Slovenia (passing through)

    Croatia (4-5weeks)


    January - April:


    Sweden (passing through Austria, Germany, Denmark)

    July - August:
    Norway (passing into the top of Finland)

    September - October:
    Netherlands (5 weeks)

    Luxembourg (2 weeks)

    October - November:
    Belgium (5 weeks)

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