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  • Day1082

    Galvės Ež car park

    June 13, 2019 in Lithuania ⋅ ⛅ 32 °C

    We are once again on the shore of Galvė Lake, just 1km from Slėnyje Camping, where we stayed last night. This free car park for half a dozen vehicles is closer to the water and even has a portaloo for us to use.

    Galvė is a beautiful lake, surrounded by reeds, trees and secluded sandy beaches. It is dotted with islands, one of which is home to Trakai Castle! The forecast was for temperatures of 34°C over the coming days so Will quickly got the camp chairs out and took them down the steps to the grassy strip of land that ran adjacent to the shore. He claimed a spot under a tree that would provide shade all day long. The car park soon began filling up and before long cars were spilling over onto the roadside. Families, friends and couples young and old came in their swimwear to enjoy their slice of summer, but it never seemed too crowded.

    Vicky was still very weak, so relaxed under the tree while Will swam and escaped the masses with the canoe and fishing rod. A Bewick's Swan did its best to terrorise food out of those with picnics, a Merganser with its brood would occasionally zip by, filtering the water for bugs while Damselflies and Dragonflies showed off their aerial dexterity. It was a great place to be able to sit out the heat wave for 3 days!

    On the final day Vicky was feeling a little stronger so Will paddled her to Trakai Island Castle 2km away. The red brick fort was originally begun in the 14th century and is reputedly the only island castle in Eastern Europe. The waters close to our little beach had been relatively quiet, but as we approached we encountered pedalos, motorboats with music blasting, SUPs and tour boats. Paddling round the accessible shore and under the low, wooden bridge, we docked at a quiet spot on the lee side, leaving the canoe and taking a slow stroll beside the castle walls. Cutting back through a dry channel that once formed a moat when water levels were higher, we found the canoe where we'd left it (phew) and escaped the business.

    Our general travel plan is to journey north in the summer to avoid the extreme heat; something we don't cope well with. It was therefore a relief that evening when the wind picked up, the skies darkened and a delicious tingle of chill crept into the air.
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