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  • Day1112

    Merkines Apžvalgos Bokštas

    July 13, 2019 in Lithuania ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    Will has found yet another tower for us to climb! This one is in a pine forest in Merkines, South East Lithuania, with views over the Nemunas River and Dzūkija National Park. Located on a raised bank, the Merkines observation tower is designed to merge with its forest surroundings. It rises to canopy level at 25m, with a lower platform at 15m. The five bark coloured colomns represent trunks and the switchback staircase a forest path.

    Given our proximity to the Polish border and the fact it is a Saturday, we shouldn't be surprised at the relatively high footfall, compared to the sparsely populated areas we've been enjoying of late.

    Arriving in the afternoon we are both little tired from the day's drive so take a break with a cuppa and some Lithuanian tinginys which we'd picked up at the grocery store in Poškonys. The tasty treat is made from cocoa, butter, condensed milk and crumbled biscuits so even one slice is filling.

    Keeping the viewpoint as a reward, Vicky managed to tackle her self assessment tax return with more than a little help from the VnW Travels accounts manager, a.k.a. Will!

    After scaling the tower we set off on a footpath towards another signed local attraction, marvelling at the variety of summer flowers growing amongst the trees. The signs eventually led us to a mound, which we expect had more views over the surrounding area, but to our embarrassment we couldn't face climbing another set of steep steps, so returned to the van to put our feet up.
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