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  • Day10

    diving morning and a beautiful restarea

    November 7, 2016 in New Caledonia ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    Mir sind wider am Morge früe uuf und vo Noumea uus go tauche. Es isch sehr schön gsii! Ganz vill intakti Koralle, 2 Whitetip Haifischli und ganz vill meh hemmer gseh! (nur so mitere horde Franzose tauche isch biz speziell gsii 😅 si sind eifach andersch als d Australier 😜)

    Nachem Tauche simmer zunnere Wöscherei und hend die liebe Dame tatsächlich dezue bracht das si oisi Wösch innerhalb vo 2 stund mached... Das ganze uf Französisch/Italienisch 😅

    Denn simmer wiiter richtig Norde und hend bimene Camping direkt am Meer übernachtet.


    We got up early (again😁) to go to the dive center in noumea. The divesite was beautiful. So many colourfull corals and fishes and the water was crystal clear. We saw two whitetip reef sharks and lots of other cool stuff. But diving with a hord of french people just isn't a good as diving in australia.🤔

    After diving we had lunch in this amazing bakery😍😍.
    Then found a laundry where they were able to wash and dry our stuff within 2 hours😄.
    After that we headed north to a little town called Bouraké where we camped right on the beach😊.
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