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Whether a world trip, city trip or summer holiday, keep and share your life’s travels.

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For every trip.

Start blogging your shorter trips. FindPenguins is not only for journeys lasting for months.

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Your travel experiences are among the most treasured memories. Make them unforgettable.

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What’s on FindPenguins?

Create a travel blog and travel journal?

We call it profile.

FindPenguins is a full-fledged free travel blog and travel journal, but even more your personal travel profile. The idea is simple: Keep hold of the footprints you leave on this planet.

For every trip.

FindPenguins is just right for your next big journey. And even more! You are on a two week holiday? Why not blog? Capture your life’s travels, whether a city trip, summer holiday or backpacking the world.

Memories that stay.

Do you still remember the places you’ve seen on your latest trip? Did a friend ever ask for tips? With FindPenguins it’s easy to answer these questions, even in a few years from now. FindPenguins is a great archive of a friendship between you and wonderful planet earth.

It’s easy.

Set footprints.

Posts on FindPenguins are called “Footprints”, with your stories, favorite photos and the location. Footprints represent your visited places around the world, a beach cabin, your favorite café, a city, a national park, all is possible.

Internet is not required.

Set your footprint on top of the Kilimanjaro! With the FindPenguins travel app you don’t need internet to create posts, it works offline!

World map? Photo albums? More?
All fully automated.

What you need to do? Blog your “Footprints”, all the rest comes entirely automated.


Your experiences while traveling are among the most treasured memories in life!

What travelers really do.

Did you ever wonder, what your friends or fellow backpackers do during their travels? Which cities, bars, national parks, beaches – places in general they visit? Follow travels of like-minded and let others follow you.

Where do you want to go?


Australia, Thailand, Brazil, India, Portugal, ...  All countries

Just the right app for your trip.

  • Sleek, elegant and too easy to use
  • Fully synchronized website and apps
  • One account for all your trips, short or world trips!
  • Blogging “footprints” also works offline
  • Neatly visualized travel maps, interesting travel facts and statistics
  • Full privacy control of your posts!
  • Never miss updates thanks to a personal news feed
  • Auto-translation of posts to those not speaking your language
  • Follow, like and comment – explore your friends’ travels
  • Unlimited uploads
  • And much more ...
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“FindPenguins is the perfect network for globetrotters!”
Lonely Planet Traveller
Lonely Planet Traveller

Why FindPenguins is unique!

FindPenguins combines features of a modern travel blog with the benefits of a social network. Our mission is, to help our users archive, share and research travel experiences, for trips long and short, world trips, summer holidays, city trips or any other trip. Creating a travel journal and travel blog on FindPenguins is free.

People create travel blogs generally only for their trips, that last longer than a few months. This is mainly for two reasons: Not only is there a large intial effort and required technical know-how to create a standalone travel blog (like for example with Wordpress), but also because writing blog articles during one’s travels is very time consuming.

With the FindPenguins travel journal keeping travel experiences is now simple: On our platform travelers can write and publish posts on their personal travel profile. We named posts „Footprints“. On the contrary to classical blog posts, footprints represent visited places around the world. Footprint posts are created within a few clicks and can be interactively visualized on a world map. Every footprint has an accurate location, a story and also, users can add their favorite photos to it.

Every post is assigned to a „Trip“ because FindPegnuins is not only for the one big journey in life, but for all the numerous trips we take: „Around the world“ trips, summer holidays and any other trip long or short. By keeping the personal „Footprints“ a valuable travel archive of our memories comes into existence, as well as a social travel profile – for trips a life long.

Your travel profile. For every trip. For you.

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