Track your Eurail adventure as you go

Join our Live Tracking and view your entire European rail adventure on the map automatically as you go with the FindPenguins app! You will then appear on the official Eurail & Interrail Live Tracking map, where you can get inspiration from like-minded travelers.

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Your advantages at a glance:

  • Appear on the official Eurail & Interrail Live Tracking map
  • Chat and connect with other Eurail & Interrail travelers nearby
  • Automatically track your travel route, simply with your phone in your pocket
  • Share your adventure live with family and friends
  • Get a professionally designed photo book with your stories, maps, photos, videos and statistics

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Any Questions?

What is FindPenguins? 

FindPenguins is a cost-free and automatic travel tracking app for iOS and Android. For more information, visit

How do I create a FindPenguins trip to capture my Eurail & Interrail adventure? 

Click the button “Sign up for Live Tracking” and connect your FindPenguins trip with the Live Tracking.

How do I activate the automatic FindPenguins Travel Tracker? 

Activate the automatic travel tracker at the start of your trip in order to track your route automatically. All you need is the FindPenguins App, where you can find the travel tracker icon on the very top of your travel profile. Click on it and active the tracker for your trip. There is no internet connection required for the automatic tracking.

How can I add fellow travelers to my Eurail & Interrail adventure on FindPenguins? 

Open your Eurail & Interrail trip settings and select “Add fellow traveller”. You can use the search function to find people. Please note that fellow travelers need a FindPenguins profile and follow you before you can add them to your trip.

What is a “Footprint“ post and how do I create it? 

Posts on FindPenguins are called “Footprints”, with your stories, the date, your favourite photos or videos and the location. Footprint posts represent an experience at a certain place. To add a new footprint, tap the “+” in the bottom menu bar. For more information on positing footprints:

How can I share my Eurail & Interrail adventure? 

Open your trip settings of the connected trip and select “Share trip” from the menu.

Who can see my trip? 

Open your trip settings of the connected trip to choose your desired privacy option. For more information on privacy settings:

Are there any costs involved? 

No, FindPenguins is free of costs during as well as after your Europe adventure.

What happens to my FindPenguins account after I'm back home? 

Your account can be used for private purposes and further trips.

Further questions?

Check out our Support Page or give us a shout.