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Effortlessly and automatically track your travels, simply with your phone in the pocket. Create your travel profile for every type of travel: World trips, summer holidays and city trips.

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What’s on FindPenguins?

Your Personal Travel Journal

Your experiences while traveling are among the most treasured memories in life. FindPenguins helps you to effortlessly capture these memories. Create your personal travel profile and keep hold of all the places you visit during your travels.

Automated Travel Tracking

Turn on our travel tracker and your phone automatically logs your travel route and most important places during your travels. Through smart technology and artificial intelligence (automatic flight recognition, ...) we are producing an optimal result, consuming only approx. 4% extra battery life per day!

For Travels Long and Short

FindPenguins is the perfect app for your next longer journey, but what about your next holiday? Try us, it works perfectly! We made FindPenguins so you can capture all your life’s travels, whether a city trip, summer holiday or backpacking the world.

Your Travels In A Book

Professionally designed, ready in seconds!

At the end of your journey you can order a beautiful photo book of your FindPenguins travels into your home, with your stories, maps, photos, statistics and if you like, even the comments of your friends. Thanks to our brilliant algorithm you can now save hours sitting in front a photo book software.

It’s too easy

Post ”Footprints”

Posts on FindPenguins are called “Footprints”, with your stories, favorite photos or videos and the location. Footprints represent your visited places around the world, a beach cabin, your favorite café, a city, a national park.

Internet is not required

Set your footprint on top of the Kilimanjaro! With the FindPenguins travel app you don’t need internet to create posts, it works offline!

World map, statistics, weather, ...

What you need to do? Blog your “Footprints”, all the rest comes entirely automated.

Just the right app for your trip.

  • Sleek, elegant and easy to use
  • Fully synchronized website and apps
  • Automatic tracking of your travel route
  • One account for all your trips, short or world trips!
  • Create journeys together with other travelers
  • Blogging “footprints” also works offline
  • Neatly visualized travel maps, statistics, weather, ...
  • Full privacy control of your posts!
  • Get a beautiful printed book of your travels
  • Follow, like and comment – explore your friends’ travels
  • Unlimited posts, photos and videos
  • And much more ...
“FindPenguins is the perfect network for globetrotters!”
Lonely Planet Traveller
“A great concept to make experiences unforgettable”
Jochen Schweizer

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Why FindPenguins is unique!

FindPenguins combines features of a modern travel journal with the benefits of a social network and an automatic travel tracker. Our mission is, to help our users archive, share and research travel experiences, for trips long and short, world trips, summer holidays, city trips or any other trip. Our goal is to make the experience as easy as it gets. Creating a travel blog on FindPenguins is free.

People create a travel diary generally only for their trips, that last longer than a few months. This is mainly for two reasons: Not only is there a large intial effort and required technical know-how to create a standalone travel blog (like for example with Wordpress), but also because writing blog articles during one’s travels is very time consuming.

With the FindPenguins travel journal keeping travel experiences is now simple: On our platform travelers can write and publish posts on their personal travel profile. We named posts „Footprints“. On the contrary to classical blog posts, footprints represent visited places around the world. Footprint posts are created within a few clicks and can be interactively visualized on a world map. Every footprint has an accurate location, a story and also, users can add their favorite photos to it.

Every post is assigned to a „Trip“, as FindPegnuins is not only for the one big journey in life, but for all the numerous trips we take: „Around the world“ trips, summer holidays and any other trip long or short. By keeping the personal „Footprints“ a valuable travel archive of our memories comes into existence, as well as a social travel profile – for trips a life long.

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