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A journey with a clear objective

We want to make capturing and sharing travel experiences as easy as possible. FindPenguins follows you to the world’s end, so you can entirely focus on your adventure: To collect unique experiences! Every journey has an end, but its memory is unforgettable ...

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FindPenguins is a call for adventure

The start up founder and globetrotter Tobias is always in search of new adventures. This is why he traveled almost to the end of the world in Patagonia, to experience penguins in the wild. This amazing clash impressed him that much, that he wanted to keep and share it on the spot. At this very moment the idea and name of the project were born – FindPenguins.

Based at the beautiful “Gärtnerplatz” in Munich, the world is our home:

The FindPenguins Team

Tobias Riedle


Even James Cook might, in secret, be jealous of Tobi. He has already traveled to over 70 countries, and he still can’t get enough! If he is not posting a new “Footprint” somewhere on this planet, he’s probably developing the next new FindPenguins feature.
Tobias on FindPenguins

Vladislav Stepa


Vladislav was present from the start. He had already created the initial FindPenguins iOS app while he was studying. Today, he directs the iOS and Android platforms in his capacity as CTO to offer travelers a perfect digital experience. During this time, he also developed his love for travel, intending to one day catch up with the company's founder, Tobias.
Vladi on FindPenguins

Carmen Lehmann

Head of Marketing

No matter whether beach, mountain, or city, it's almost impossible to find a travel destination that doesn’t excite Carmen. This may be the reason why her one-year-old son has already set his mini-footprints on three continents. Actually, there’s just one thing that turns Carmen into a bad travel buddy, and that is when the local coffee doesn’t meet her strict criteria.

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Together to protect the penguins

FindPenguins works with the Global Penguin Society to protect and conserve penguins.

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