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Your experiences while traveling are among the most treasured memories in life!

FindPenguins is a Start-Up based in Munich, Germany.

Our project started 2014 in Patagonia, near the “Penguinera de Seno Otway”. None of the existing travel blogging solutions had met our requirements, so we decided to do it ourselves. The idea of “FindPenguins” was born!

People start running travel blogs for trips of a few months or more. This is probably because writing editorial blog articles is very time consuming.

FindPenguins simplifies this a lot: With just a few clicks we want people to remember the places they visit during their travels: a beach, hostel, national park or any place, adding a short story and favorite photos.

Posts on FindPenguins all represent places and have a location. This is why we call our posts “Footprints”, coming with a nice large map on every profile page.

By capturing the personal „Footprints“ our members create in no time a valuable archive of memories! For trips long and short: World trips, summer holidays and city trips.

Why is FindPenguins unique?

  1. Simplicity is our strength. Setting “footprints” is the only task. Travel maps, photo albums and everything else come along fully automated.
  2. FindPenguins adds social networking capabilites to travel blogging, like privacy options, a news feed and followers.
  3. FindPenguins works for all your life’s trips in one account: Whether a city trip, summer holiday or backpacking the world, create as many trips as you like ...
  4. A personal travel profile page combines all travels on a world map with interesting travel facts and figures.
  5. We make setting footprints available offline – because the best places in the world don’t have internet!

FindPenguins is free, currently without ads and comes with a sleek, elegant and easy to use interface. Our desktop site, web app and native apps for iOS and Android are fully synchronized.

We are a social network for travelers as well as an archive for your personal adventures.
We are convinced, FindPenguins is the best choice to start a travel blog!

We travel a lot.
We use FindPenguins a lot.
Lately we found penguins! 🐧

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Lonely Planet Traveller recommends FindPenguins:
“The perfect network for globetrotters!”

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PainingsForHope is giving away free paintings each day for one year. On FindPenguins all the beautiful pieces of art are visualized on a world map.

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