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Our office is situated in Munich close to the Sendlinger Tor.

FindPenguins is a start up founded in 2014 and based in Munich, Germany. We offer a free travel profile to our members, which combines the functionality of modern travel blogs with the advantages of a social network. Our mission is, to simplify the capturing and sharing of travel experiences for every trip: world trips, summer holidays and city trips.

You are on 2 week holiday? Did you think of a writing a travel blog? No?

People start running travel blogs mainly for trips of a few months or more. On the one hand, this is due to the high initial time and effort needed to create an independent travel blog, but on the other hand, because writing editorial blog articles is very time consuming.

FindPenguins simplifies this a lot: On our website as well as via our mobile apps, travelers can create and publish posts on their personal travel profile (also offline!). These posts are called „Footprints“ and on the contrary to regular travel blogs, they stand for the visited places of our members around the planet. Footprint posts are created with just a few clicks and contain the exact location of the experience, a little story and the favorite photos and videos.

Every post is assigned to a „Trip“. FindPenguins allows you to document your favorite moments for numerous trips and journeys, no matter if you are traveling a day, a week or a year.

By capturing the personal „Footprints“, our users are developing a highly valuable and growing archive of travel memories and it can be shared with people all over the world!

Lonely Planet Traveller

Lonely Planet Traveller recommends FindPenguins:

“The perfect network for globetrotters!”


The name „FindPenguins“ is a call for adventure!

The founder of FindPenguins is a dedicated traveler himself, always looking for new travel experiences and adventures. This is probably why he traveled almost to the end of the world in Patagonia, to experience penguins in the wild. This amazing clash of human and penguin gave the project its name.

Your travels in a book

Your Journey In A Beautiful Book

On FindPenguins our members can order a beautiful printed photo book of their travel experiences into their homes, a product of „Travel Book“.

A product of

It is a lot more than a photo book: Next to the personal photos, it is filled with travel stories, the location and time of the visited places, numerous maps and even the comments of friends, if desired.

This travel book is a complete and valuable book about one‘s travels.

Very special about this book is, that it is created automatically. Our members can save hours sitting in front of a photo book software. By choosing the content and color scheme in seconds, every book is professionally and individually designed. All books are manufactured in an extraordinary quality and are delivered to numerous countries around the world.


Explore authentic travel blogs

Research Experiences Of Like-Minded Travelers

Aside from the ability to blog yourself, FindPenguins provides an easy access to travel reports of fellow bloggers.

Currently you can search within a pool of more than 150.000 public footprints. On interactive and clustered maps, popular travel destinations in a country can be identified at a glance. FindPenguins allows access to lists of the most visited places all around the planet, like the Top 10 most visited attractions in London or the top visited mountains and volcanos in Guatemala.

The travel reports and photos of our travel bloggers are written for the personal archive. They therefore reflect information with high creditibility, creating a new and more authentic view on places, cultures, etc..

Post in search results are directly linked to the profiles and trips of its authors. Travel routes of other members can easily be reviewed and valuable extra information can be collected for the personal journey.

An exchange of experiences in this vein is unique:


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