Europa Orient Rallye
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Public, 15 teams

One of the last automotive adventures of this world.

The Europe-Orient Rally is one of the most important and at the same time the craziest motor sport events for hobby rally drivers.

In addition to the regulations regarding the vehicles that are actually ready for the scrap heap, the rally participants are subject to the following tough rules: no highways, no toll roads, no GPS, only maps and compass and overnight stay only in the car, in the tent or in hotels, which cost less than 11.11 euros.

The race is run in teams. However, the first team to reach the finish line does not win. On the way different tasks must be mastered. This is the only way to collect valuable points. So it remains exciting until the end, who may receive the main prize - a full-grown camel.
The teams fulfill various charity tasks and bring musical instruments, school supplies and medical goods. The vehicles also remain in the destination country and the proceeds are donated to a good cause.

An unforgettable adventure with unique encounters from Germany to Eastern Europe, Turkey, Israel and Jordan.

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