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FindPenguins provides a new way of researching travel information. The following aspects make our approach unique:

Information on FindPenguins comes from travel blogs written by our members. Posts on FindPenguins therefore naturally represent honest travel experiences, published by travelers, like yourself: How is it really in Australia, what are the things to do in Costa Rica. The quality of the provided texts and photos maybe isn't on the same level as those of professional editors, however for this exact reason much closer to real travel life: We do not only show pictures taken in a perfect lighting by a professional photographer, we also show pictures of a beach on a rainy day, taken by real travelers and backpackers.

Along with every story of our members comes an according travel route. Through this information, it is more than easy to track, how each traveler moved along in a country or continent. This is especially valueable if you are planing a trip, as it helps you to quickly understand common travel routes.

Another advantage of using FindPenguins for travel research is the access of information through a map. Every single post has a gps location, meaning that every story and every photo can be localized and displayed on a world map. At first sight, you can immediately identify the most popular travel destinations in a country. And with a little more time, numerous insider tips are guaranteed, all very easy to locate, as you can see the exact locations on our map.