• Day16

    Road from Mwanza to Musoma

    December 10, 2019 in Tanzania ⋅ ☁️ 22 °C

    Left just after 9am to set out for our next campsite in Musoma, a town 225km away. We're moving north towards Kenya and will pass the gates of the Serengeti. Even the name sends a shiver of excitement through me. Ofter, our Kenyan driver, said we might see an elephant or two although this was unlikely.

    We passed through Mwanza morning rush hour traffic. What exhuberent vibrent life everywhere. Once we got past that, we were out in open country. The landscape looked quite different and was less farmed than before. There were long views to the disrant Lake Victoria. The air quality seemed good and the horizon was crystal clear.

    The road surface was pretty okay too and was not too bumpy. As we were travelling along at a fair rate of knots, every tiny bump was magnified. I'm sitting in the back and there is far more movement there than in the front as the engine and a few hundred litres of diesel weighs it down. So, I bounced around a bit but I'm starting to get used to it now. I hold my body in a certain position and that helps ride out the worst of the bumps.

    At one village, about an hour outside of Mwanze there were three successive lamp posts and perched on top of each lamppost was a Marabou stork. There are the strangest looking creatures ever and are huge, about 1.25m in height. They have huge beaks and look like they could devour a small child. One of the guys here said that they should be gatekeepers to hell. I think he's right.

    We stopped for a wee break at the entrance to the Serengeti game reserve. For the next hour or so, after our break, there were lots of wildebeest, some antelope and zebras visible in the distant, too far to see clearly, even with my zoom lens. It gave us a sense of things to come when we spend two days in the Masai Mara in a few days time. There we'll see lions and other predators up close, though hopefully not too close.

    There seemed to a lot of flooding on certain sections of our journey. In one area, farmers were working up to their waist in floodwater. I wasn't sure if this flooding was accidentsl or managed. Some of the flooded fields looked like padifields and maybe they were planting rice.

    Further on, just before the end of our journey, the heaven's opened in a real downpour. There was extensive flooding everywhere. If it continues, I might upgrade to a firm tonight for a few €uro extra.
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