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    It's the journey not the destination...

    June 19, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    that makes you lose your mind. We were 3 hours early to the airport. The airport was empty. Maria thought, “oh. This will be a breeze!” Unfortunately, She hadn’t flown American Airlines since 1987...Maria was so. Very. Wrong. We waited 45 minutes to check luggage. We were third in line. Apparently the woman in front was changing her citizenship or something. Then the nice guy in front of us was trying to move his 7 foot tall dog back from Trinidad. He had to haggle with the airline to take his kennel. We finally get to the counter (all Maria’s fault for forgetting Amelie’s birthdate). Maria’s luggage was overweight. As in all of life, Maria blames the scale. Doubly embarrassing that She had shamed a woman in front of us for the same issue. Thankfully, Melinda bore the burden of 5 more pounds, and Maria’s luggage was no longer too fat to comment on her person😂

    The agent didn’t move very fast. Even without giving us information, she did her job as slowly as possible. Until, that is, she scooped up Maria’s luggage as we were talking about batteries, and sent it on its merry, contorted, very non-linear way. There was a battery in there. Apparently to save the battery from the TSA agent’s collection of batteries, Maria would have to wait 45 minutes and then recheck. Maria chose to vacation without luggage. “This outfit is quite nice”, she thought, “I’ll stick with it, thanks.” She has no expectation of ever seeing that luggage again.

    In security Ian lamented, “I hate being tall! Nobody believes that I’m 12.” We feel ya, kid. However, the rules are ludicrous. Maria has to take off her womens sized 8, see-through shoes. Ian gets to keep on his mens size 10s. There could be a bazooka in those.

    So far, Maria is the most annoying member of The Miserable Mujeres because She refused to let Melinda get McDonald’s for breakfast. She feels she compromised well by only insisting on the casual dining bistro instead of Denver Chophouse😂

    The airlines are what have made us so antagonistic these days. It’s every man for himself. A lady offered to PAY us to cut in line so she wouldn’t miss her plane (Maria laughed saying that she would be begging for the same courtesy soon enough.) The plane overfills with enormous carry ons and massive “personal items” because people don’t want to pay 75 dollars to have extra underwear on their trip.

    And do stay tuned for Ian’s Yelp review in which he complains of being squished between two fat ladies on the flight.😂😂😂
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    A Tale of Two Travelers

    June 18, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    T minus 24 hours:
    Melinda’s luggage left
    Maria’s luggage right

    T minus 12 hours:
    Melinda needs her entire iPhone hardware replaced.

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    A long, long time ago...

    July 1, 1989 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 31 °C

    Four score and about a million years ago, Maria flew to Barcelona for a monthlong exchange in Spain. She was armed with 5 years of book-learned Spanish, a fair accent (thanks to being raised in bilingual New Mexico plus a two week tour of Spain the year prior), and a total lack of knowledge of the vosotros conjugation. She returned home with a love of Spain and her people. Meanwhile, over in the Midwest, Melinda fell in love with Spanish and made it her vocation. She traveled to Spain multiple summers completing her Master’s degree in Spanish literature and returning home with part of her heart left behind.

    Years later, these young girls, unrelated and yet creepily similar, met and bonded over travel and language. Much older and more jaded, these two, armed with prescription eyeglasses, physical therapy bands, and fortified by recent dental work, will return together to España to introduce their now twelve-year-old children to the land that they love. Age and brokenness will not stop Maria and Melinda, the “Miserable Mujeres”, from a grand tour of Spain. We hope to give our kids a taste of independent travel, and a chance to learn the vosotros conjugation, while giving you all a good laugh as you follow our {mis}adventures!
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