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Joined April 2019Living in: New South Wales, Australia
  • Day30

    Warner Bros Studio

    May 28 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 17 °C

    Our day started with a visit to Warner Bros Studios!! It was awesome! We got to ride in one of the golf buggies (or trams as they call them) like you see on tv as they go around the lot! We got to see sets from Gilmore Girls, Hart of Dixie, PLL, Fuller House. We also saw the prop warehouse and got to see the inside of a sound stage! And an exhibit of costumes from Harry Potter, Aquaman, Wonder Woman and Fantastic Beasts!
    I got to do a green screen experience Harry Potter where I got to pretend to ride a broomstick which was so much fun! And took some cool photos too! We also got to sit on the Friends couch! And eat at the pretend Central Perk!
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  • Day29

    Six Flags

    May 27 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    Today we were visiting the big kids theme park with the big ass roller coasters!
    Off to six flags we went. How we wished we had planned it better as it was Memorial Day weekend. The line to get into the car park was long and we had to walk a mile back to to entrance after parking. The security line was long and then the line to buy tickets was long. We ended up buying them on our phones.
    Once we got inside even the toilet line was long!
    By this time it was midday! We were going to have to leave at 4 to return the car back but we ended up extending the time so we could enjoy the park!
    The first ride we went on ‘Revolution was pretty tame only going upside down the once. The next ride, the Viper had 7!!! Inversions. Next up the Superman which takes off really fast and goes up a vertical pole like the tower of terror at Dreamworld - but little did we know it went backwards!! Which believe it or not was less scary 😂
    The riddlers revenge was next, it just looked like a rollercoaster that went upside down a lot so we lined up. After about 20 mins we were watching it a bit more closely and saw that you actually stand up while you ride! It was crAzy!! We still did it and again wasn’t as scary as you would think!
    Last up was the Tatsu! Which you pretty much ride upside down the whole time - like you sit in the harness like normal to begin and then it turns so your facing the ground - kinda like the super man Zipline! We had lined up for 90minutes and we watch riders in front of us come back, and then the harnesses wouldn’t unlock and they were stuck there! Sarah was less than impressed, but we had waited so long that we had to go on it. So we waited for then to fix it and all was ah-okay. And it was awesome!
    After a shitty slow start to the day, we had fun riding the scary rides! We made our way back to LA with a stop by at Griffith Observatory with magnificent views!
    After spending an hour or so here without even realising, we headed to our hotel at Santa Monica. It’s late, we’re tired, we just wanna go to bed - we head inside to reception and they tell us they’ve had to move us to another hotel because there was some kind of accident, a car had driven into the hotel and there was no water. At least it was only 5 minutes away! When we got there, it was a Hilton hotel so we were more than happy with that!
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  • Day30

    Hop on & off bus fun

    May 28 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 20 °C

    We sat on the top of the bus for at least 25 minutes waiting for it to take off. You thought the bus driver might have told us that he would t be leaving for that long when we got on - anyways - we sweated our asses off and eventually got where we needed to go

  • Day28

    Hopper Pass

    May 26 in the United States ⋅ ☁️ 14 °C

    Time to hop on over to Disneyland Park. Still raining so ponchos still on but we were #winning because quite a few people had gone home by this point.
    Standard photos out the front and with the castle
    Sleeping beauty’s castle doesn’t compare to Cinderella’s in Orlando - much smaller so hasn’t quite got that wow factor. I’ve made Sarah a Disney snob!! The staff aren’t as happy or friendly and hasn’t got that overload of Disney like Orlando. We went on Buzz Lightyear shooting ride and I won this one! 🥳 Watched a preview of Toy Story 4, Matterhorn bobsleds, Peter Pan, Snow White, big thunder railroad, haunted mansion & Indiana Jones! We were those people who went on Splash Mountain with ponchos! It was cold and we were sooks!!Read more

  • Day28

    Disney Part 1

    May 26 in the United States ⋅ ☁️ 14 °C

    We made it to the hotel and parked the car there and then walked down to Disneyland!!!! First stop was California Adventure Park where we went on Guardians of the Galaxy ride (which used to be the Tower of Terror), Monsters Inc, the swinging chairs. It started taining so it was time to make the poncho purchase! then the scariest ride of all Disney rides!! The bloody Ferris wheel with swinging Gondolas! Next up the Incredicoaster. Then it was off the CarsLand where we went on the tipping tractor ride. The other cars ride was a 2 hour wait so we decided to go in the Single Riders line and we were on and off in 25 minutes 😱😱😱 the ride was great fun! The last ride here was toy story mania - the shooting game where of course I lost again!Read more

  • Day28

    Road Trip

    May 26 in the United States ⋅ ☁️ 15 °C

    Up at 5;30 to start making our way to Los Angeles! Lucky Sarah was there to help pack the car cause I would have been hopeless trying to fit all the bags inside We had to make a pit stop at the Vegas sign cause we still hadn’t seen it!! Sarah started off the driving and drove halfway. The road was nice and fairly straight, lots of lanes. Few cars on the road but not overwhelming! I had a cat nap whilst passenger and when we switched it was Sarah’s turn to nap. We had fun listening to music as it had been so long since we’d sat long enough to!
    Once we got closer to Anaheim I was very grateful for the GPS - there’s a lot of exits and multiple lanes for each exit!
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