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  • Day100

    Meeting an old friend

    November 10, 2019 in Finland ⋅ ☀️ 0 °C

    9 years after living together in Alicante with Natalie during their Erasmus exchange semester, a short message was enough to be invited by Salla and to get to know her families and friends. This gave us the privilege to be invited to a finnish pre-Christmas party, including Sauna 😅 (women and men separate, Finnish style), and to get to know her parents and the house she grew up in. We felt like being in family for the warm hospitality we received and we were spoilt with self-made, hot smoked salmon, cake and other delicacies 🤤. We were fascinated by the house in the middle of the forest and next to a lake, and couldn’t believe our eyes when they showed us their self-made houseboat including Sauna. It must be amazing to be here in summer 😊!

    Thank you so much for your hospitality, Salla + family! It was great to meet you again, and we are looking forward to next time!
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