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  • May31

    Bali - day 50

    May 31, 2019 in Indonesia ⋅ ☁️ 25 °C

    It might nearly be time to go home. We had thought that today we might go and visit one of the other beaches, but our enthusiasm waned. We had a swim in the hotel pool first and talked to some of the many Australians that were staying there. Then went out for a walk around the block looking at shops. I picked up my red light leather bag which I am very happy with. We also bought a bag for Polly who was checking them out on messenger video. Then the packing started. On the way to dinner we stopped in at a massage salon and I had the most amazing shoulder and neck massage - $8.50 for 45 minutes. We had dinner in a more up market hotel and it was rather nice.Read more

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  • May30

    Bali - day 49

    May 30, 2019 in Indonesia ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    Slack morning today and we got to breakfast just before 10 and then had a swim and a shower. Then caught a taxi to the galleria and went shopping. Before shopping, we roughly packed our bags to work out what weight we had to deal with and checked out the additional baggage allowance for Emirates. Yikes it is $115 for an extra 5kgs, so I don’t think I will be doing that. I love a pair of trousers I had bought at UNIQLO and have been searching for another pair – Bali you were the winner and I now have a navy pair. Jody has more weight left in her bag, so might have bought a couple of things. She also started thinking about different bag options as her current large bag has a big rip and needs replacing and we saw some amazing Thule bags that were not cheap at all but very tempting. I was interested in the double zip concept for all of these new bags – so you can’t insert a pen into the zip and open them easily like you can with older bags but my trusty pack is going to last a bit longer. Jody also decided (for now) that she didn’t need a new bag from here, but you never know as we are still here for 2 more days.

    By the time we caught a taxi back, got changed and got to the beach it was around 3.30, and the lunch place was closed. Never mind, our helpful people went searching and soon came back with a plate of Nasi Goering again which is very tasty. We also had a plate of fruit and some drinks delivered before having a swim in the sea. I really enjoyed the big waves, swimming between the flags with lifeguards on duty, and knowing Jody was on shore waiting for me to return. Between the big waves the sea was quite calm, so I would have been easy to see if I was in difficulty. We left the beach just before sunset and had another rest before dinner. Going back to work is going to be very very hard without all these wee rests! Our time is currently 4 hours behind NZ time, so getting up at 9am is like 1pm NZ time. We could be making the time change easier for ourselves by getting up early, but that doesn’t seem that easy to do! Oh well, at least Monday is a holiday.
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  • May29

    Bali - day 48

    May 29, 2019 in Indonesia ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    We were up early, nice breakfast at the hotel which is called Fourteen Roses Beach Hotel. We have separate rooms and breakfast is included for $50 per night. It also has a lovely pool which we have been using a bit, nice to cool off before bed. Our driver – Warren - picked us up at 8am, and we were off on our big day. First stop was a silver factory. It was fascinating watching them make individual pieces by hand. Such steady hands and good eyesight. Apparently ,they work from 7 to 7 with a break for lunch. I think it would be heard to concentrate that hard for that long. Then we went into the shop which was really huge. We must have spent at least an hour trying to see all of the different stands full of jewellery and may have bought some. Most of the pendants were about $20 to $30 and when we had just seen the work that went into creating them, they were extremely cheap.

    Then we went to a temple which was interesting, but not that much to see. The next stop was the butterfly house which was amazing. There were loads of different colours flying all around and settling on leaves close to us. I could have watched them for hours. They also had an enclosure for big moths – I think called Atlas moths. They have a life cycle of 5 days, and have no mouths so basically hatch out of their crysallis, procreate and then die. There were guides in the enclosure who would put as many moths on you as you wanted, and they just stayed there until they were moved again. Apparently, they fly around at night.

    Then back into the van again to our next stop which was a waterfall. It was quite a lot of steps down and up, and it was pretty hot. They had cool baskets that we posed in for pics, and it was fun watching the people at the bottom of the waterfall posing for pics. At the entrance there were lots of shops, and all of them were advertising their toilets. I bought a roasted corn cob from there which was rather tasty. Then Warren took us to a restaurant by a rice paddy field for lunch which was very nice. There was a breeze coming in the open window which cooled us nicely.

    Then we went to another temple which had a purification ritual which many people were doing. They put on a special sarong, entered a pool of water, and dunked their heads under the flowing taps. There were maybe 15 taps along one side, and people moved along the taps, dunking at each one. Warren was surprised that we hadn’t done this ritual – apparently many people go to that temple just for that reason. Our next journey was to the rice paddy terraces. By this time it was getting later, and the terraces looked pretty steep so we just took some pics from the car. The road we were driving down is apparently 10kms long and looked amazing for shopping. It was probably a very good thing that we had stayed in the car. Then it was a 1.5 hour drive back to our hotel. I was pretty sick of driving through Bali by then – it is not a quick exercise!

    We got back around 6pm and had a wee rest before dinner. We went to a place which had a lady boy show which was very entertaining. The first guy that was targeted really didn’t cope very well and left the entire restaurant while muttering under his breath. Some of the other guys were very good sports, and as there were only around 20 people in the restaurant some of them were targeted more than once. I was pulled up to have a dance with one of them which was fine, but I missed out on the entertainment of Jody being up there as I went to the loo. It sounded like it would have been a good thing to have videoed! So back at the hotel we had a swim in the pool until 10, and then went to bed. The pool was pretty cool, but outside was maybe 25 degrees so nice to cool off.
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  • May28

    Bali - day 47

    May 28, 2019 in Indonesia ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    I took ages to go to sleep, but eventually slept quite well. Woke up at 9am and had a light breakfast at the hotel before we went out exploring. We found a sim card for Jody, and a few other interesting shops. I wasn’t expecting the leather shops – lovely soft leather bags. I have ordered a leather cover for my red-light mat which should be ready on Friday, that will remind me of this trip. We also found a really nice jewellery shop and I will have to get a decent jewellery box when I get home to ensure that I start wearing some. I bought a light dress and top for here as it is pretty hot, around 29 degrees. Around midday we went back to the hotel, changed into our togs and headed for the beach which is maybe 500m away. Jody has been to Bali a few times and has a particular part of the beach that she goes to. I didn’t quite understand why but do now. Annie and Sammie have charge of a small section and remembered Jody and her other friends who have been here. We got some lounge chairs close to the beach, and they brought us drinks, Nasi Goering for lunch and we both had a foot massage and our toenails painted. Oh, and the water was lovely and warm for a swim as well. The chairs were under an umbrella, so it was a perfect place to read books and people watch for the afternoon. It cost $5 for the chair, $2.50 for my watermelon juice, $2.50 for the food, $5 for the foot massage and $5 for the nail painting. So, $20 was very cheap for all of that! Also had clean water at the foot of the chair to wash our hands and feet after being in the sea.

    The sun has been setting really late for us over the last few weeks, so a 6pm sunset was a bit of a surprise. It was very pretty watching it though. Then we went back to the hotel, showered, changed and went out to a Mexican place for dinner. On the way I saw a lady with a python. She said it was friendly, so I stroked it, and ended up having it draped around me. It was a cool experience and its skin was really soft. The lady said the snake had shed its skin only a couple of hours before. I did give her 50 cents as a donation which was well worth it – something I never thought I would have done. Our dinner was nice, and we both had a cocktail.

    First impressions of Bali – hot, lots of people, seems pretty busy with lots of people trying to sell things, but everything is really cheap. Just as well our bags are full full full! The beach is lovely, I am not one to sit on a beach doing nothing but reading a book under an umbrella with an occasional swim is a different experience, and something we will be doing on more days. Tomorrow we have hired a driver for the day for $45, and he will take us around some of the sights. Should be a fun day!

    Nice to have got up to date with this blog. We both have sim cards now for Bali – just as well as the wifi at this hotel is pretty crappy, you think we would have got used to that by now.
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  • May27

    Bali - day 46

    May 27, 2019 in Indonesia ⋅ ☁️ 27 °C

    What a different flight this was. Totally full, and the seats were much narrower than I have previously had with Emirates. My neighbour wasn’t the smallest lady, so I was leaned out into the aisle for a lot of the 9 hour flight. I did feel the lack of sleep as well as I didn’t manage to sleep at all on the flight. Jody had a couple of decent sleeps though. Her neighbour was a nice small man, but she had a grumpy woman in front of her who said her seat was broke and she couldn’t put it upright though it seemed to do that just fine at the end of the flight.

    So, we got to Bali around 11pm and took a taxi to our hotel which is fairly basic, but we have separate rooms – Jody’s is looking far tidier than mine, she must be preparing herself for a tidy home again.
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