• Day84

    Cancun - TIP renewal

    June 19 in Mexico ⋅ ⛅ 31 °C

    Got up and going, got to ferry at 9:30 ( for the 11:00 departure) and first one there. Dogs scarf at the blast of the horn on the ferry - no seats in the shade that were dog friendly so sat on metal deck (our backs paid for this later). Went to the Cancun airport, found the Addams, had to return 2 hours later. I had 3 copies of almost everything but she wanted 4. Was going to send me off to get extra but then decided to copy what was needed, thank goodness. Not sure if you had to write a “formal” handwritten letter in English requesting an extension ( with address of where we are staying and my email address) but I needed to ... along with filling out 1 form 4 times of the car info, my address and email. One of these forms was stamped and given back to me with my original TIP coloured certificate. No cost. Email being sent to me. Another thing checked off “the list”! Will make note of this in my “file” to remember for next year 😊. The lady was very stern looking with heavy makeup... got her to eventually crack a few small smiles after I said how we have visited Mexico a few times and love the country and how friendly the Mexican people are. She was one tough nut to crack!
    Stayed at an Eco Lodge that night- so cool! Ate at the “Burger Shack” on the propert- really good food- nice outdoor patio. Dogs enjoying themselves looking for the 5 cats on the property. Up in the middle of the night with Crosby- beautiful full moon.
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