• Day74

    Beware British Airlines

    June 24 in England ⋅ ☁️ 19 °C

    well I was wandering back from crossfit yesterday cursing that b#^ch Karen (150 wallballs for time (7:58 with a 6 kg med ball) and I noticed a notification that British Airlines had cancelled my flight to London.

    Now what makes this annoying is that my original flight was canceled last week and so I had rebooked and paid a little more to fly BA and it was a real passion because they wanted to verify my card with a text which I couldn't receive while in Bulgaria. Anyway to be canceling it less than 48 hours later was pretty annoying.

    I liked online to see what was happening and it turns out that BA is in big trouble with massive staff shortages, strike action and there is also a bus and train strike and the new flight time meant if be too late to catch the last bus to get me to my dance weekend.

    However there was a silver lining I went back and found a flight with Bulgarian Airlines, found another dance weekend closer to London, called the insurance company and basically I pay the $100 excess, they refund the fee difference on the flight, pay for Ubers top and from the airport on Sunday, pay the price difference been the two dance weekends (this one is considerably more expensive) and best of all pay for accommodation for 4 nights with breakfast included in a private room , which will be a step up from the share a beach cabin with 4 strangers on the original weekend.

    So that feels nice 😌
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