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  • Day13

    Rocca of Montestaffoli, San Gimignano

    December 4, 2019 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 9 °C

    After enjoying a refreshing glass of wine, or two and a delicious bruschetta while watching the world pass by in the Piazza della Cisterna, we made our way to Rocca of Montestaffoli, an old castle situated in Parco della Rocca, just on the edge of the old town. Originally a castle of Lombard Astolfo, and later a Dominican Convent, this fortress was built by the Florentines in 1353 when the town submitted to Florence to protest it from possible attacks by Siena or from internal riots that may have arisen inside the town itself.

    The fortress had a pentagonal base with a perimeter of approximately 280m, with turrets on each corner and passages that linked it to the city walls. It was protected by a front gate and a drawbridge. Today only one of the ancient turrets is still safe and we were able to climb it to take in the views of San Gimingnano from a different angle, and the surrounding countryside. It was a pleasant way to spend our afternoon, strolling around the park and enjoying the views.

    What did surprise me was the random piece of modern art set in what was once another turret. The mixture of modern art amongst the historic buildings is something I enjoy seeing as it seems so out of place but still works. This piece was a bit random and was called Yellow Girl. There are a lot of art galleries in San Gimignano with a lot of them featuring modern abstract art, and I have enjoyed admiring some of these pieces while trying to understand others. It is a town of great juxtaposition.
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