• Day31

    Pfistern Brot, Lucerne

    December 22, 2019 in Switzerland ⋅ 🌧 7 °C

    We meet up with Peta and Errol for a late lunch at Pfistern Brot, a restaurant on the edge of Lake Lucerne whose specialty is fondue. The restaurant’s origins date back to the 15th century. A bit of research had told us that it is a traditional dish here in Lucern so we decided to give it a go, regardless of the price. It is our last day here and I doubt we will return so we just said to hell with it. I do have to say it isn’t as enjoyable as eating and drinking at our previous locations where we have had to think about how much everything costs. To put it in perspective, for our set menu today we started with a very delicious but small bowl of Chardonnay soup, followed with a cheese and pan-fried mushroom fondue, a basket of bread chunks and a bag of small potatoes for dipping. This was followed with a smaller chocolate fondue and a small plate of fruit. We had two wines each. Total in Swiss francs was CHF281 which converts to $414 AUD. While it was an experience it was definitely not worth that but we had our Swiss money to spend so spend it we did.

    One thing we especially loved about the restaurant was the fur (fake) covered chairs, the warm blankets to cover our laps and the heated bean bags given to us to keep us warm. It certainly made a difference as it was quite windy and chilly this afternoon.

    Lucerne has been an interesting place to visit and we can tick it off our list but it isn’t a place I would rave about or really recommend. It is sooooooo expensive that you really can’t enjoy the usual holiday activities, and while it is a beautiful town, it seems to lack the vibe and friendliness we have experienced in other places.

    The one thing we have enjoyed is having some down time due to the weather and location. Something we all needed.
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