• Day34

    Christmas in Colmar

    December 25, 2019 in France ⋅ 🌧 7 °C

    After a bit of a rough night in which we were all woken up by what sounded like either an explosion or gunfire at 12.20am, we had a slow start to the day.
    Considering where we are and the history of terror attacks last year in a nearby town the large blast certainly gave us a scare. Add to that the yelling we could hear it took a few minutes and another blast for us to realise it was random fireworks. Still it got our hearts thumping and made it hard to get back to sleep so we were all thankfully for the relaxing late start to our Christmas.

    After chatting to the kids we had missed the night before we checked to see if Santa had managed to find us... and he had. Brad received a beautiful Italian leather satchel, perfect for travelling, and I got spoilt with a lovely embossed Italian leather wallet and a few other treasure “Santa” had collected so far in our trip. I felt very spoilt. Santa didn’t forget Peta and Errol either leaving them with a bottle of French red wine.

    Brad and decided to venture out to see if we could get some more of the delicious croissants we had yesterday to add to our cheese and ham but all the pastry shops were closed. There were still quite a few people out and about enjoying the quieter streets.

    Brunch/lunch was a meat and cheese platter made with produce we had sourced from the food market yesterday with our homemade vin brûlée, or vin chaud as it is called in France. We made sure to take our cheesy Christmas photos in front of our live Christmas tree, in our matching ugly Christmas sweaters, although they weren’t as ugly as some I had seen.

    It was a lovely way to spend the day, chatting with each other and when possible FaceTiming with family from home. It is a very different experience being on a different time zone to home where they have all wrapped up their Christmases as we are starting ours. I’m not sure I want to be this far away again as I am missing the kids and their partners, and our grand puppies, a lot.

    After a very relaxing morning/afternoon Errol roasted up the fresh veggies, heated up our beef Wellington and made some red wine jus for amazing Christmas dinner. It was so tasty especially paired with our French wines, Vodka beers followed with Caramel vodka shots.

    Feeling very full and a wee bit merry we decided to spread our Christmas cheers with the revellers in the streets (which was a good excuse to get another vin chaud on our way out). We walked the cobblestoned streets, admiring the Christmas light displays, chatted to a couple of heavily armed police, and even had a ride on a carousel. What a fun Christmas night.

    We returned to our apartment for our delicious Christmas dessert, listened to some music and just enjoyed these amazing moments we are having with our very special friends. We are so lucky to have them in our lives and it has been a privilege sharing our first Christmas away from home with them. Friends are family you choose yourself and spending the day with Peta and Errol helped ease our feelings of homesickness. Love you guys.
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