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  • Day2

    First day in the city

    September 24, 2019 in Guatemala ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    I'm still super tired after the 24 hour trip from Cologne to Guatemala city. Thanks to the jetlag, I wake up really early by the vague sound of the shower while Mariano's brother Ricardo (Boon) is getting ready for school.
    Luckily, an important element of a real chapín (= guatemalan) breakfast is a strong, delicious coffee, in addition to scrambled eggs, mashed beans and fried plantain. We have breakfast with Mariano's parents Maria Marta and Gerardo, then everyone starts their day. Mariano has a meeting downtown, I have an appointment via video call, so we only meet afterwards for some sightseeing.
    We start off at Avenida de la Reforma, one of the main streets in Zona 10 with a nice walking path in the middle. It brings us all the way to Zona 4's "hipster district" called cuatro grados norte, where we have a coffee at the barista world champion's cafe Paradigma and lunch at a local comedor. After entering a few of the stores we continue to the civic center with the Guatemalan national bank, the supreme court and other governmental institutions.
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