• Day78

    Canoeing and snorkeling at Shaproder

    September 12, 2016 in Germany ⋅ 🌙 19 °C

    After 3 nights, we made the most of our last day at Shaproder. We took our 'Little Green' canoe a few miles north to the headland. On our way there we watched several groups of about 20 swans take off and fly low over the water. It was quite a sight as the sun illuminated their pure white forms against the blue sea and sky. The noise of their powerful beating wings was often the first indication of their approach.

    After we'd paddled back against the wind and waves we returned the canoe to the van and picked up our snorkeling gear. Despite being mid September, the air and shallow water were warm and we didn't need wetsuits. Once Vicky managed to stop hyperventilating at the fact that the water was teaming with hundreds of small jellyfish, we had a wonderful time. Even though we swam a couple of hundred metres out, we were never in more than 4ft of water and the visibility was good. The bed was a mix of sand and grass-like weed and swimming through the jellyfish that ranged from a few millimetres to 10cm in diameter, we got to see them close up. Some had beautiful lines of iridescent colour running through their transparent bodies, glinting red, green, blue and purple in the sunlight that penetrated the water. We found a lot of fish on the sea bed around the same rock we were nearly 'dashed against' the previous day and a small one even tried to nibble Will's finger!
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