• Day248

    Marina di Ragusa

    March 1, 2017 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    We had planned to visit the hill town of Modica, stay in its free stopover, go out for a Sicilian lunch and sample its speciality chocolate. Arriving at the outskirts we picked up a 10 kilo bag of oranges from a street seller for €5. They were very tasty too!

    School was out and dozens of teenage boys zipped along on their scooters, their half face helmets angled back on their heads so their styalised quiffs could bee seen at the front. Two municipal police officers were on school duty, one standing blocking each lane to usher primary school children over the zebra crossing.

    Old Modica was a stunning sight, its worn, light stone brick buildings covering the steep sided summit with no apparent pattern except that houses further up the hill looked out over those below. Unfortunately a main road was closed, making it very difficult to get to the stopover. The van isn't the easiest thing to drive around narrow streets, even outside of rush hour. Vicky wasn't driving but her anxiety was playing up and so after going round in circles several times we decided to abandon the plan, have a van lunch in a layby and move onto the next place.

    Ragusa had a similarly higgledy piggledy arrangement of houses on a hillside that ran along a ravine. It was much eaiser to appreciate their charm from the road that bypassed the town and took us to a service point for emptying and filling in the modern, easy access area. All that remained was to find a place to stay for the night! Marina di Ragusa offered a free stopover, but it was concreted and had no grass for Poppy. It also looked packed and had a chain across the entry so we carried on, keeping our fingers crossed we'd find a wild camping spot soon.

    Closer to the sea there was a main road with many small lanes leading off past the sides of apartments, a short distance to the beach. It was at the end of one of these roads that we parked, with the van facing out on to a golden sand beach with the Mediterranean Sea just 50m in front.

    The three of us tested the water but it was too cold for anything other than paddling without wetsuits. Unfortunately Vicky became quite ill while we were there but Will donned his neoprene and spent a happy few hours taking his belated birthday present of a body board out for the first time.
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