• Day408

    Kvernabekken Park restplace

    August 8, 2017 in Norway ⋅ ☀️ 14 °C

    We set off feeling positive because for once it wasn't raining! Our journey continued along the steep bank of the huge Hardangerfjord. When we stopped for lunch we found it was warm enough to enjoy sitting out on one of the restplace benches, with Poppy on her rug watching the other visitors coming and going.

    Norway's landscape is so extreme that many Norwegian roads need to be incredible feats of engineering. Before we found our overnight spot, we drove through a tunnel for nearly 8km and after navigating the underground roundabout, emerged directly onto the Hardangerbrua suspension bridge that sat high over the fjord, stetching more than 1km over the deep water. The end of the bridge plunged directly into the side of the mountain and another tunnel took us to the Kvernabekken Park restplace where we spent the night. From here we were able to take a short stroll and look down on to the bridge we'd just travelled over. In the evening, Will explored further and took the footpath down to the start of the bridge. He turned back at this point but could have walked across.

    Apart from the refuse collectors blasting their radio out at 7:45am the following morning, it was a peaceful night's stay.
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