• Day952


    February 3, 2019 in France ⋅ ☁️ 7 °C

    The aire at Coursan is a grassy offering on the edge of town, just off a main road. It is surrounded by glossy, dark green shrubs and has a service point beside it. This morning's wind has blown all the clouds away and Vicky's little kalanchoe plants are pressed up against the window, enjoying the sun streaming in.

    We arrived in the late afternoon, the roads are getting larger and easier to drive along but the 25mph winds buffeted us to and fro. Being a Sunday, the day's journey took us over countless roundabouts occupied by the gilets jaunes, in makeshift shacks. Circles of blackened ground, often with a heap of rusted wire, pock marked the tarmac where they had heaped and burned tyres. Approaching one of the toll entry points to the A9, we saw huge plumes of thick black smoke streaming from a series of bases. Luckily we didn't need to pass by them. All that remained of some road signs were jagged metal stubs, others were taped over or sprayed with lurid yellow grafitti. Messages to Macron were chalked or painted onto the carriagway. Whatever their political ambitions, we are annoyed by these tactics.

    Whilst at Coursan we had a look at Maps.Me to scout out the local shops, of which there didn't seem many, apart from a few supermarkets at the other side of town. Will walked a decent distance to get to the river for a fish. It was in flood and unfortunately a gust of wind blew his equipment into the water. He managed to retrieve most of it, but lost the new rod rest he'd got for his birthday. Oh well. Although we've been doing more single night stops than we'd planned, we decided to move on again in the morning. We were grateful for the free stopping place but there just didn't seem to be that much character to Coursan. Hopefully, we'll find somewhere we really like and be able to stay longer than we would have otherwise.

    P.S. We've now uplpaded a 2 minute video of our drive through Monaco on the VnW Travels You Tube Channel:
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