• Day1109

    Tapelių Ež

    July 10, 2019 in Lithuania ⋅ 🌧 16 °C

    Despite being fewer than 20km away from the centre of Lithuania's capital city we are parked in a forest just over the road from a sandy beach and natural lake.

    This being our last week in Lithuania, we are slowly (and somewhat reluctantly) heading back towards the Polish border. We haven't deliberately revisited Vilnius, but we wanted to see the eastern border and there weren't any sensible routes that didn't go via the capital.

    After our visit to the forest viewing tower this morning, we got on with day to day activities, picking up groceries at a Maxima XX and filling up with diesel, LPG and drinking water at a Viada fuel station.

    The recreation area at Tapelių Lake has a couple of portaloos, a wooden jetty with covered end (handy for Will to stay dry whilst fishing in the rain showers), someone we believe to be a lifeguard, a board displaying the air and water temperatures (16°C and 19°C) and access to forest trails for walkers and cyclists. It's great!

    One of the disadvantages about many of our overnight spots has been the lack of walking trails, but perhaps because of its proximity to Vilnius, Tapelių Lake had plenty. The second day saw us heading out with a packed lunch, through the pine forest. We chose a route that led around three consecutive lakes. It seemed like ages since we'd been on a proper walk and it felt good! The forest wasn't too thick, the tall, spindly pines allowing enough light through to sustain a rich web of life. We snacked on wild bilberries and rasberries, neither of which have thrived following the weeks of extreme heat early in the season. Finding a tree stump and fallen trunk we tucked into our sandwiches, thinking that we must do this more often!

    There were only a few other walkers out and about but at Balžio, the final lake, we found a wakeboard installation with overhead lines to pull boarders along. We watched as two people zipped back and forth, jumping off ramps and sliding along curved apparatus as skaters would in a skate park. Almost as soon as we turned for home the heavy rain started. It soaked us but the air was still warm so it wasn't too bad. It certainly didn't dampen our spirits as much as it did our clothes!
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