• Day130


    March 5 in Brazil ⋅ 🌬 31 °C

    We arrived into the city of Maceió in a now almost obligatory rainstorm. Luckily uber is cheap here, so we jumped straight in a cab only to get soaked waiting to be let in to our hostel. Fortunately the weather quickly improved.

    We had heard there were some great beaches around Maceió, the trouble was getting to them without a car. Our first attempt ended in failure, as we were planning on getting a local bus that never turned up. So we settled for the city beach instead.

    To avoid a repeat of this, we booked a tour for our last day that would take us to the beach and it was well worth it. A short walk from the beach bars there were no people, just blue skies, blue sea, yellow sand and green palm trees. Your classic paradise beach.

    Apparently there was still carnival going on here as well. However, we had decided we were well and truly carnival'd out, so we can't tell you what it was like!
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