• Day1

    Dunkirk to Zolder

    September 21, 2018 in Belgium ⋅ 🌬 15 °C

    We dock bang on time at 11.00. I dump my swimming head in the back seat and let Philip navigate. Within about 20 minutes we're off the ferry, clear of the dock and the associated heavy traffic, my head is getting back to normal and we're heading for Belgium.

    Undramatically we cross the border and press on. It's very flat around here, lots of wind turbines too. Generally the traffic is pretty good. 80 miles in we ran into the back end of a delay that we'd been watching for quite a while but it was just about breaking up as we got there so it wasn't much more than a short slow down.

    Then moules and chips at a service station. Into Brussels, past a cathedral and through a long tunnel under Brussels. And then straight into another long tunnel. Out into the sun and then into a third tunnel!

    More tunnels. Very confusing and then we've missed our exit in the tunnel. Then follows a short but manic, confusing excursion around Brussels, including, just for extra fun, a diversion! And then, finally, we're back on the road we should be and heading for Zolder. Philip's done a sterling job navigating John round Brussels.

    52km later and here's the exit for Circuit Zolder! Off the motorway and we've run into roadworks with very slow traffic lights...we're only 1km from the entrance. We've moved a bit and can now enjoy views of lakes on both sides of the road. We nip into the circuit ground and eventually tie up with Spiersey, who leads us to the pits.
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