• Day2

    Saturday contines

    September 22, 2018 in Belgium ⋅ ⛅ 12 °C

    Nick and Holly pull in so that the wheel can be changed before the driver changeover. They then pull in further down the pits so that George and Marco can take over for the third two hour stint.

    An hour or so later a call comes in that we have another puncture. After a bit of a wait, the car is brought in by the rescue trailer. Once again, the team swing into action and it's only a few minutes until they're off on their way again.

    It's now 18.20. It's still wet and I'm getting cold. And then a call comes in from the car that the car's stopped. Are we out of battery or has the engine packed up? A few minutes later it drives in under it's own power... The decision is taken that after five and a half hours of driving it's time to recharge, which'll take about three hours.

    So now it's time to head down to the camp site for dinner, before John's stint ending around 01.00. Another lukewarm burger. It's raining solidly now and everywhere is cold and damp. After a long couple of hours a group of us decide to go back to the pits. At least it's warmer and dryer up here. Warmer, not warm I hasten to add.

    There's a flurry of activity, the car's charged up, it has to drive almost the full length of the track to get back for the changes but at 22.10 it is finally on it's way again, with Lance at the wheel with James riding shotgun.

    The plan's changed now. John's off duty until 4am now when he's needed for the battery recharge, so we're able to head back to our b&b for an earlier night than expected.
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