• Day3


    September 23, 2018 in Belgium ⋅ ⛅ 12 °C

    Knowing there's a 03.15 start, of course I don't sleep well. John's alarm goes off but just as he's about to shower I pick up a call from Philip requesting John's presence right now. He hurls his clothes on and leaves about a minute behind Alexi, who has obviously got the same call. I snuggle down but still don't sleep.

    John's back about 05.30, leaving Philip on the graveyard shift.

    We breakfast and are back in the pits by about 09.30, just catching another driver change. It's busy down here now, the music's up and there a bit of a party atmosphere. Just two and a quarter hours to go...

    One hour and forty five minutes left and it's the final driver change. Luke and Holly jump out, the condensation is wiped off again and Rob and Lucy are back in for the final stint. Lights and horn are checked annnnnd 3, 2, 1 and they're off for the last time.

    Less than an hour left, time's ticking on. The Basking Beastie is still going. Excitingly, we overtake the French just in front of the pits.

    Now there are only five minutes left...

    ....and the Basking Beastie is over the line to great excitement. Then follows a rather slow lap of honour with two cars needing towing, a spirited happy birthday is sung to Lance by the whole team, a rather long awards presentation and a lot of clearing up by a severely depleted team.

    My trainer completely gives up the ghost so is lashed up by Marko using electrical tape and cable ties. Sigh...

    Back to camp for food. Burgers anyone? And a beer. It's still raining and everything is damp. John and I debunk to the hotel for an hour before heading to a really good fun after party.
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