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  • Day43

    Arriving in Doha

    November 5, 2019 in Qatar ⋅ 🌙 24 °C

    It's 05.00 local time and we're quarter of an hour off landing. It's been a long flight. I did drop off for less than an hour for which I am grateful. The seat next to me was free so I managed to twiddle myself round and curl up in a bit of a ball. Not great but better than sitting upright.

    So, the final part of our trip is about to start!

    The airport is enormous. After disembarking and walking for a good bit we see a sign saying baggage reclaim is still an 18 minute walk! Luckily there is a monorail to take us most of the way. Passports and visas are slow, but our luggage is just passing us on the carousel as we walk up.

    We duck the taxi touts at arrivals and take an official one. The traffic is crazy busy; obviously we are running into the start of rush hour. There is so much building work going on, all the road have concrete barriers along the sides to protect the contractors and everything is covered in hoardings. There's lots of hooting, and pushing and shoving, and more than once I dig my nails into my leg wincing at the too close proximity of another car.

    But we make it to the Westin Hotel in one piece, are checked in and into our room by 07.00. It's quite a nice room but has no view. Well, it does but of a large expanse of industrial flat white roof. Hardly surprising as it's costing us $25 USD, courtesy of Qatar Airlines and their campaign to get tourists to visit Doha.
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    Susan Kennerly

    Looking forward to seeing the pics of Qatar!