• Day1

    Tel Aviv, Port

    November 21, 2019 in Israel ⋅ ☁️ 14 °C

    It's only 4pm when we land in Tel Aviv, but it's already starting to get dark. Differently from this morning's experience, security check in the airport are actually pretty lean and quick: in 20 minutes we have already got through passport control, received a pass with a bar code and recollected our luggage. And, not surprisingly, we find out that each single suitcase was opened and manually checked.

    When we finally get out of the airport, it's already night-time, but the temperature is still incredibly mild. It's time to meet our guide - Susanne - and our bus driver, who will probably stay with us for the whole time.

    When we start driving towards Tel Aviv two things strike me:
    1. the skyline revealing dozens of modern skyscrapers
    2. the crazy traffic
    Indeed, both facts make this place feel more like Manhattan than a middle-sized Middle-Eastern city...

    After over an hour drive (mostly spent stuck in the traffic) we finally get to our hotel, where we are assigned a room.
    For the next two days we are totally free, but tonight dinner in the hotel's restaurant is included. After a not-so-quick nap, we run to the buffet hoping to still find something to eat... And we are definitely not disappointed!😬
    Everything is so delicious that we end up eating so much to almost get sick. And we then need to walk for 2 hours hoping to recover.

    Wandering around the hotel, we realise that we are very close both to the port and to a commercial street dottet with bars and clubs. The first impression is that of a city which is extremely clean, but not too quiet: most shops and supermarkets are still open despite the fact that we are close to Midnight and the bars are lively.

    Before heading back to the hotel we get a fresh pomegranate juice: a classic for this area of the world! 🥤
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