• Day16

    Day 13 - Magellen Channel

    January 11, South Pacific Ocean ⋅ 🌧 10 °C

    The day was overcast with clouds as we steamed out of the protected waters of the channels and across a large gulf toward open waters. We were close to shore through narrow channels as we had breakfast but soon sailed into the gulf. The captain's announcement told us the sea would get rough just after lunch and the outdoor deck areas would be closed. We stayed in the room most of the morning as we left the islands, the clouds lowered and started to rain, and the waves hit bigger. I was tracking our progress on my GPS.

    Around 1:00 PM, the ship enter a strong current heading north (the Humbolt?) and the wind came howling from the west. We tacked across the current with the ship heeled over at maybe 7 degrees. I walked around the decks. You had to walk at an angle against the steady tilt. Up in the buffet, drinks slid off the tables and some of the presentation trays slid off their stands. As the captain said, the rough seas lasted about 45 minutes. We came out of the current and into somewhat calmer waters where the ship rolled from side to side but wasn't heeled over. We were maybe 20 miles out to sea and turned south and east towards the Magellan channel. Later, Gail and I walked around the ship and had a drink in the Grand Foyer as one of the bands played. We sat in the library a while after hearing the announcement that, because of the rough seas, the dance/musical show would be delayed. We ate at the buffet then went to the early show as the seas calmed.

    The house orchestra and performance troupe put on a high-energy, movement-filled rock tribute musical. They also had acrobats and strong man acts mingled with the dance and music numbers. We had to stand because every seat was filled with many people standing. A great show!

    The weather was still poor as we turned in. Tomorrow Punta Arenas!
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