• Day54

    Why not try the Diamond lounge?

    September 5, 2014, North Atlantic Ocean ⋅ ⛅ 31 °C

    5am and it was disco time again in the concierge lounge.
    Couldn't be bothered with the security trick again so instead I took a walk down to the diamond lounge.
    That was much better, it did have some background music, but it was extremely low, as background music should be.
    Even had coffee, woo hoo!
    Also discovered that the Wi-Fi is faster in the diamond lounge.... Wait a minute, did I say FASTER? I meant not as slow as the rest of the ship 😄
    So I'm quite a happy bunny this morning but as you probably know, that can change lol.
    George and James came up to the concierge lounge last night for a chat, they really are two nice blokes.
    Mary and Elaine also dropped by for a chat, they are also really nice people.
    It would seem that all my friends on board are gay, but I do have straight friends too lol.
    As with every night up to now the company has changed though the evening, with people going to and coming back from dinner.
    So with us four not bothering with the restaurant and always going to the Windjammer later on for our evening meal, we get to chat to a lot of different people during the evening, which is brilliant.
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