• Day19

    There is nothing to do in DW

    June 16, 2018 in the United Kingdom ⋅ 🌙 12 °C

    Although we had 24 kilometres to walk today our guide was sure we didn’t need to leave Richmond until after 10 because “there is nothing to do in Danby Wiske” and the walk was generally flat farm land. There is only a pub and a church.

    Anyway leaving after 10 meant the rain had cleared. Our first stop was the ruin of Easby Abbey and St Agatha’s church. On the way to the Abbey there was a plaque about the sad story of a drummer boy. Read about in the photo. The abbey was one of many knocked over by Henry VIII. St Agatha’s church however is still the local parish church, and has a beautiful fresco dating back to 1250. The church was very welcoming with a jug and supplies laid out for tea at the back of the church.

    We stopped for lunch at St Mary’s church in Bolton-on-Swale. The church dates back to the 14th century. This church was even more welcoming, tea supplies, a note saying feel free to use the toilet, a big box of food supplies for any one in need, the back of the church was like a small community centre.

    The church is famous for its memorial to Henry Jenkins. Henry apparently lived to be 169 years old. Evidence of his age is found in court records because he was able to give evidence about who had owned what in land disputes after the civil war.

    About 4 miles from supposedly boring Danby Wiske we were caught in a thunder storm. A massive downpour, thunder and lightening. So we had plenty to do when we got to Danby Wiske, organising to get all our gear dry.

    The wide plain we are crossing, heading for the North York moors is the vale of Mowbray. Danby Wiske is the lowest point on our route.
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