• Day25

    Cream teas and sore knees

    June 22, 2018 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

    But there was a lot more to our 300+ kilometre journey. Tomorrow we disperse to visit relatives, return home or continue our travels to Sardinia, Shetlands, Norway .......
    We had a rest day today, many of us took the opportunity of the local bus to Whitby. We’d seen it from up on the moors, now a look up close. Another ruined Abbey. Some of the buildings around the abbey were fine, a youth hostel in one.

    We’ve seen Fells and moors, becks and tarns, sheep, dry stonewalls, more sheep, narrow gates, stiles, muddy bogs, baby grouse and Nine Standards, St Sundays, Kidsty Pike. Three national parks, Lakes District, Yorkshire Dales and North York Moors. We’ve seen ruined abbeys and quaint old local churches, stone way-markers and old barns and country pubs. We’ve squeezed into tiny rooms and little attics up steep steps.
    We’ve met fellow walkers and the locals. There were miracles along the way, a pole found, sun glasses replaced, new boots acquired just when needed.

    The views have been spectacular, the moors and fells wild.

    Our group was just the best, full of fun and good cheer. We coped with blisters, sore knees and feet, tired muscles, a thunder storm, not enough toast, and one day, no breakfast at all. We tried lots of local beers, had fish and chips and steak and ale pies.

    This is the last post, happy travels everyone.

    Group Two, Melbourne Womens Walking Club, C2C, 2018
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