• Day559


    July 2 in Turkey ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

    We had planned to meet friends in Çiralı which is a village off Olimpos beach. We had booked a chalet bungalow with a shared pool in an orange grove (Arcadia Villas). Chickens and roosters roamed the grounds and the air conditioning beckoned us in. The place was beautiful: amazing beach, cute hippy sleepy village, lovely villas in lovely grounds. Expensive though compared to what it used to be like in these areas... We spent the days in the pool, at the beach and BBQing. The boys climbed the mountain to see the Chimera: the eternal flames burning out of the mountain. H had a great time with his friend and both much improved their swimming. We were sad to say goodbye and skipping Olimpos we spent the night as 222 camping in the valley and headed west. Olimpos used to be a remote beach where backpackers stayed in tree-house pansyions and slept on the beach amidst the ruins (K and I had been together 5 years before) but now we heard it had a tarmac road and we didn't expect it to be the same.Read more